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Reviews left by plurgid

Fri, Sep 28 10:21 AM plurgid review of ever colour by sleeperspaceborn
How in the blue hell is this NOT an editor's pick, is what I want to know. In...
Fri, Sep 28 9:51 AM plurgid review of Black Is The Night by LiquidEyes
Pretty excellent if you as me.
Fri, Sep 28 9:31 AM plurgid review of Take My Place (shockshadow remix) by shockshadow
Thu, Sep 27 6:27 AM plurgid review of persan song by superouioui
I predict MUCH sampling in your future
Thu, Sep 20 3:41 PM plurgid review of Te Amare (Iggmatized mix) by Iggmatic Productions
really nice vibe. bass is infectious.
Thu, Sep 20 3:21 PM plurgid review of June (..à la Parisienne..!) by ditto ditto
Very, very cool and inventive.
Fri, Aug 24 10:51 PM plurgid review of Paloseco Brazz Horn Samples by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra
OMG OMG OMG !! we need more brazz!!
Fri, Aug 24 6:28 AM plurgid review of Se Liga (616 mix) by Grizzly616
Wow ... that violin really adds flavor. Very original. Love it.
Fri, Aug 24 6:20 AM plurgid review of 4nsic - Ex's & Hoes (RaJAh ReMix) by emptypenz
That's a big beat. One thing. The bass line seems to be pitched about, maybe 3 ...
Fri, Aug 24 6:09 AM plurgid review of Baby Got A Thang (Rock Remix) by Abhi S.V.
sounds pretty good, dude! that main riff could use a bit of variation, maybe. B...
Fri, Aug 24 6:04 AM plurgid review of AMinorTheory_DreamInBlue_rmx by essl
Feelin' that 80's vibe on this one for sure. Shades of A-ha ...
Fri, Aug 24 5:58 AM plurgid review of Magic. The Coast 2 Coast Remix by Loveshadow
Nice n' Chilly Chill. Technical perfection as well. great stuff.
Mon, Aug 20 4:06 PM plurgid review of When The Earth Is Gone (computer says so mix) by ROSSI
Hot damn! It's dance fever on the mixter! These are some vicious beats, man....
Mon, Aug 20 3:45 PM plurgid review of July (Mazal Tov ..!) by ditto ditto
There aren't enough Rock-N-Roll parts for Bells these days. Super groovy, man...
Mon, Aug 20 1:56 PM plurgid review of Jazzy Lazzy Mix by Lasswell
Damn, dude. Consider the bar raised! seriously nice work.