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Thu, Aug 15 2:52 PM Apoxode review of >MJ by panu
Electrifying remix, panu :) It has a robotic feel to it until 1:08, when that s...
Wed, Aug 14 3:11 AM Nickillus review of >MJ by panu
You had me as soon as that upright bass riff kicked in. Love the jazzy vibe, Pa...
Mon, Aug 12 2:20 AM duckett review of >MJ by panu
Mon, Aug 12 12:22 AM Bluemillenium review of >MJ by panu
Excellent hommage et mix réussit.Bravo, Le long sustain de la cymbale finale, ...
Sun, Aug 11 5:44 PM Whitewolf review of >MJ by panu
Sun, Aug 11 4:09 PM Scomber review of >MJ by panu
Mana from heaven
Sun, Aug 11 1:27 PM Snowflake review of >MJ by panu
creative collage of MJ's groove mastery. your editing prowess is showing!!
Sun, Aug 11 9:42 AM CiggiBurns review of >MJ by panu
Smart, snappy, high energy and addictive. Wonderful use of MJ's fabulous contrib...
Sun, Aug 11 8:10 AM Kara Square review of >MJ by panu
Getting lost in the head-nod-inducing beats! Super-fun mix. Highly enjoyable gro...
Sun, Aug 11 7:25 AM Speck review of >MJ by panu
A groovy melange a la Mana.
Sun, Aug 11 5:23 AM J.Lang review of >MJ by panu
Very nice mix
Sun, Aug 11 5:11 AM Siobhan Dakay review of >MJ by panu
Great Hommage. Want that "play it nice machine" ;-)
Sun, Aug 11 4:13 AM Mana Junkie review of >MJ by panu
Good stuff, panu! Now that's one heckuva mix.
Sun, Aug 11 3:46 AM gurdonark review of >MJ by panu
When the bass and keys start in around 1:20, it's easy to tell that this fun mix...
Sun, Jul 21 9:34 PM soundtails review of hate loses. . . . . by panu
Agree Right On!