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Reviews left by narva9

Mon, Apr 20 11:14 AM narva9 review of Summer's Arms by Numeron
It's awesome. So sweet and sultry. Thank you very much for including me in your ...
Mon, Apr 20 11:12 AM narva9 review of Crush by Pitx
Hi P, It's gorgeous and delightful. :-) Thanks for taking a chance on this voc...
Sat, Mar 21 1:12 PM narva9 review of Boxcar heading West by Scomber
All kinds of bluesy awesome. I love the words and the casual dirty dirty deliver...
Sat, Mar 21 1:09 PM narva9 review of The UFO Chasers by DoKashiteru
Very cool. Kind of a mixed bag of wonderful. :-) n9
Sat, Mar 21 1:07 PM narva9 review of In the Forest of Dreams by eddie_wilson
Breathtaking and lovely....and yet oddly creepy. Reminds me of Lorena McKennitt....
Sat, Mar 21 12:59 PM narva9 review of Huey by fourstones
Hypnotic. I really love the "noise" -n9
Sat, Mar 21 12:52 PM narva9 review of Sooner or Later (Dimlight Remix) by Dimlight
me likey! :-) n9
Sat, Mar 21 12:48 PM narva9 review of how lucky by oldDog
Very lovely and soulful...the harmonies are SWEET! Thank you for sharing. n9 p...
Sat, Mar 21 12:43 PM narva9 review of One More Toke by fourstones
Dirty and dangerous. It's like Friday at our house except for the dirty and dang...
Thu, Mar 19 6:11 PM narva9 review of Wayfaring Stranger by BoHeart
Came by this a capella via transm remix. Thank you for sharing this lovely song...
Thu, Mar 19 6:08 PM narva9 review of Wayfaring Stranger (Score Mix) by Tobi
Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. n9
Wed, Mar 11 8:12 PM narva9 review of The Lady of Shallot by eddie_wilson
Absolutely delightful. Thank you so much for including us in your mix :-) n9
Sun, Mar 1 4:00 PM narva9 review of endless goodbye by oldDog
Oh my. It's so sad and beautiful. Perfect for the tragic love scene that happens...
Sun, Mar 1 3:53 PM narva9 review of Tip Toe in Winter by teru
Love this. You deserve cookies :-) n9
Sun, Mar 1 3:49 PM narva9 review of Black Rainbow by Pitx
Wonderful. Inspiring. Beautiful and all sorts of awesome. Makes me want to sing ...