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Boxcar heading West

uploaded: Fri, Mar 20, 2009 @ 2:42 AM
FeaturingBill Ray
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The second day with the cards determining my fate.
Picked my card this morning and I was happy to choose “blues”.
The next card was red, so I had to make it commercially palatable as possible. (black would of meant experimental or alternative). You can read my rules in the forum.
As I upload, I also randomly choose tomorrows genre from the deck (see bottom of page)

Anyway, for today here’s my nod to Mr Hendrix’s dirty blues (now strangely enough seen as commercial) with Stevie playing guest Wurli. Bill Ray is super solid on the drums (sorry I cut you up a bit). Obama on bass.
Its a dirty, nasty affair and I spent a bit of time trying to give it an authentic festival flavor.

My voice is a bit shot (probably from yesterdays chanting) but I don’t really have the luxury of waiting for tomorrow :-)
I was heading for Hawaii but only got as far as Vegas.

So what the hell, here’s today’s song; the pell and full stems are now posted.

Here’s the lyrics

Boxcar heading West

buy me a ticket on a west coast train
or fill me up with bourbon
then light me up
its just the same

I don’t know how I could be hurting
been dodging darts from you
too long now girl
I think I’m learning

don’t find me waiting at the station
boardshorts or winter coat
I have to leave without a note

no hinting at my destination
could make Oahu
or Austin not too sure,
not waiting

you don’t need no masked explanation
you’re Satan dressed in white
your mother she’s a trained Alsatian
I’ll sleep in any sort of boxcar,
right through to Phoenix
or the Valley if it goes that far.

(I’ll take my guitar)

boxcar heading west

i’ve heard that Californian girls they last
or shoot up north
to Sarah Palin for some leaking raft
or Maui girls they love hibiscus milk bath
or down to Tijuana
facedown in her enchilina fast !

don’t need no masked explanation
you’re Satan dressed in drag
your mother she’s a trained Alsatian
I’ll sleep in any sort of boxcar,
right down to Phoenix
or the Valley if I get that far.

I’ve heard that Vegas girls like spinning
roll of a dice would be nice
but too much like I’m winning
too many neon lights
and sinning
I’d close my eyes and think of you
all night with cards I’m skimming…
blackjack, shoot’n craps roulette;

I’ve got a jackpot in my belly
sunrise not yet?

Got to get as far away from you
as I can get…

Scomber 2009


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"Boxcar heading West"
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