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Reviews left by narva9

Thu, Jul 2 8:39 AM narva9 review of Slipping by Loveshadow
So warm and human. It has everything it needs and just enough. Like it was, is a...
Thu, Jul 2 8:32 AM narva9 review of One for Me by SackJo22
Awesome and yummy. A great toe tapping number. I love the simplicity of the lyri...
Mon, Jun 29 10:57 PM narva9 review of Covered by fourstones
This is slick, sexy and hypnotic. Awesome. n9
Mon, Jun 29 10:54 PM narva9 review of Night Nurse by CiggiBurns
What a lovely naughty little song. Very much in the Cole Porter vein... not so m...
Mon, Jun 29 10:49 PM narva9 review of Valves by gurdonark
Beautifully unsettling. Sonic impatience? Weird yet lovely. Thank you - n9
Mon, Jun 29 10:46 PM narva9 review of Back On It (Mellow-Cue mix) by duckett
I love it!!!!!
Mon, Jun 29 10:45 PM narva9 review of Highs and Lows by radiotimes
Sweet and lovely!
Sat, Jun 27 9:07 PM narva9 review of Independence Day by DoKashiteru
Inspiring. Uplifting. Beautiful. Relevant. Thank you so much. n9
Sat, Jun 27 9:03 PM narva9 review of Static Attraction (It's Shocking!) by rustyjam
Awesome! Dirty dirty dirty...I love it! n9 ps - What's with mixter tonight.....
Sat, Jun 27 9:00 PM narva9 review of Tonight (I'm spinning around) by Scomber
Toe tapping, club ready, dance number:-) What a joy to listen to. n9
Sat, Jun 27 8:56 PM narva9 review of Larger than Life by radiotimes
Fantastic! My lighter is held high in your honour. Rock on! n9
Sat, Jun 27 8:54 PM narva9 review of Could It Be Me by p1rj1s
I came by you song via Radiotime's Larger than Life. What a great song. What a a...
Sat, Jun 27 8:52 PM narva9 review of Loving Men by CiggiBurns
Smoldering! :-) n9
Sat, Jun 27 8:51 PM narva9 review of Loving Man by Alex
Close your eyes and you can almost taste the overpriced champagnes in the dark s...
Sat, Jun 27 8:46 PM narva9 review of Today by TheJoe
Lovely. Just lovely. I imagine this is what Joe Cocker would sound like as a wom...