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Reviews left by musikpirat

Thu, Feb 13 1:11 PM musikpirat review of Stimmen im Kopf by Hans Atom
Maybe you should add the NSFW tag. :o)
Tue, Feb 11 9:31 AM musikpirat review of urmymuse's lilac by timberman
And now I know another special character my scripts cannot handle... :P http://...
Fri, Dec 13 2:43 PM musikpirat review of Not So Happy Holidays by Kara Square
You did it once again... I'll be glad to wish you a happy new year. :o)
Tue, Dec 10 2:18 PM musikpirat review of Christmas Again by Speck
Absolutely not what I expected when clicking the play button. But I like it. :)
Sun, Dec 8 2:06 PM musikpirat review of O Holy Night (snowflake version) by Admiral Bob
You know, I'm not a man for excellent descriptions of ed'picked songs and thus m...
Wed, Dec 4 1:31 PM musikpirat review of Clean (Prod. by Robbero) by Robbero
Damn, this is one genious track. Reminds me a bit of Faithless.
Tue, Sep 10 6:57 AM musikpirat review of Brad Sucks - Come back (Kojo Akusa trip mix) by Kojo_Akusa
Great that your back. I was delighted as I received the mail saying that you upl...
Wed, Apr 3 12:49 PM musikpirat review of The Game Has Changed (cdk RumbleStep Mix) by Analog By Nature
Think it's getting time for a "high energy" set... :o)
Sat, Mar 30 2:20 PM musikpirat review of NessoR - Unsaid (No Forever) - PattsiPeng Vocals by NessoR
Thanks for not sleeping. :)
Sun, Mar 10 2:33 PM musikpirat review of Hack the Market by Hans Atom
Not an easy decision, but I picked your song instead of Alex' as todady's catch....
Mon, Feb 11 4:04 AM musikpirat review of Yesterday's News by Scomber
This song forced me to do some video editing. I'm a totally noob in that, but I ...
Thu, Jan 24 12:56 PM musikpirat review of Bustin out by Kraftamt
Seems we're on a retro week at ccmixter. Great beat. :)
Fri, Jan 18 1:27 PM musikpirat review of The Hook (These go to eleven-Mix) by Hans Atom
Great backing track. Wish the vocals had more power.
Sat, Jan 12 2:39 PM musikpirat review of Crazy Drunk (feat. FORENSIC/4nsic) Spaztits Mix by Phi-ode
More! Of! This! Definitivly not the music that is usually ed pick'ed, but is the...
Thu, Jan 10 1:50 PM musikpirat review of Overreacting by Nethis
Brad Suck? No way - Brad Rocks! A great song.