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Reviews left by musikpirat

Thu, Jul 7 12:57 PM musikpirat review of Gypsy Heart by Scomber
Wed, Jul 6 12:52 PM musikpirat review of Flight with fhantom surfer by CSoul
Tue, Jul 5 12:43 PM musikpirat review of Fishes in the Sea by Clarence Simpson
Yap, you should keep singing. :)
Mon, Jul 4 12:22 PM musikpirat review of Second Choice by Abstract Audio
Hope you'll pair once again - so we will get a third choice!
Mon, Jul 4 11:37 AM musikpirat review of Refuse To Give Up (interstellar mix) by stellarartwars
The stereo effect are great!
Sun, Jul 3 12:57 PM musikpirat review of Heartbit by Jeris
This secret mixter has produced so many great songs that it's really hard to pic...
Sun, Jul 3 12:44 PM musikpirat review of A Long Day by djolliej
Uff. The end of this track is like a slap in the face. :) I feel so lonely...
Fri, Jun 24 2:16 PM musikpirat review of Das Atom by Sturzstrom
Catch of the day! ...
Thu, Jun 23 12:58 PM musikpirat review of How About This (cc mixter version) by Platinum Butterfly
Acid 4tw!
Wed, Jun 22 11:49 AM musikpirat review of Red Light by unreal_dm
Very nice song!
Mon, Jun 20 1:26 PM musikpirat review of Fool's Paradise by Jeris
The beginning reminds me of David Brubeck's "Take Five". Bass, Piano and drums s...
Mon, Jun 20 11:36 AM musikpirat review of One Two Three (Countess Cipher) by 7OOP3D
Again one of those masterpieces, that show why ccmixter ist such a great place f...
Sat, Jun 18 12:32 PM musikpirat review of Are you here to move? by texasradiofish
Would you mind to add a fanfare at the end of the song after the last vocal? :)
Fri, Jun 17 2:33 PM musikpirat review of Sticky Bumps (featuring Debbizo) by spinningmerkaba
Worth to be the Catch of the day!
Tue, Jun 14 1:12 PM musikpirat review of Waiting in the Garden by Benjamin Orth
I like this song - but. :) Would not call this a hip hop beat. And I wish it ...