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Reviews left by morgantj

Sat, Mar 27 7:03 AM morgantj review of All In by Adisa McKenzie
Ha! Nice. Sounds like Nate dog.
Tue, Mar 9 3:44 PM morgantj review of Guzheng samples - Mahjong Melodies by Ivan Chew
Excellent! Beautiful sounds! Fantastic quality. Thank you.
Sat, Feb 6 6:09 AM morgantj review of The Faust Re-Cycled by headphonica
Awesome variety of sounds! Love this. Thank you.
Tue, Jan 19 6:15 PM morgantj review of Gabriels Trumpet by error404
Absolutely love the instrumentals. Sweet.
Sun, Jan 3 6:53 AM morgantj review of This is Independence Day by Scomber
Cool. Dare I say I like this better then the original and the vocals now sound l...
Sat, Jan 2 12:58 PM morgantj review of You See Me by Alex
Cool. Sounds great. perfectly arranged. I know a lot of people think auto-tune i...
Wed, Dec 30 8:46 AM morgantj review of R&R&R by Pitx
Beautiful samples! Thank you.
Sat, Dec 26 4:49 PM morgantj review of Non Mi Ricordo by SackJo22
Beautiful track. Everything goes well together. I especially like the twinkling ...
Mon, Dec 14 7:15 PM morgantj review of Lucy Jane (Jungle Mix..) by ditto ditto
Beautiful tune! So refreshing. Absolutely love it! I really just want to hear ju...
Mon, Dec 14 1:11 PM morgantj review of Chaos and Raindrops by Ultrabase
Oh wow, this turned out great. Everything works well together. It has a tropical...
Wed, Dec 9 3:53 PM morgantj review of Bass097a5_16bar_140bpm by Ultrabase
Thank you! Love this.
Sun, Dec 6 7:09 AM morgantj review of THE Reason ! ( Somthin Special) by Loveshadow
I haven't heard the original, but this sounds like it could be it if I didn't kn...
Fri, Dec 4 11:59 PM morgantj review of Phono by omihoshbin
This is awesome! I love it! Sounds like Distance.
Sat, Nov 14 10:51 AM morgantj review of The White Cube by ditto ditto
Awesome. The vocal glitch rhythm is cool and goes so well with light-hearted bel...
Sat, Nov 14 7:52 AM morgantj review of White Cube Beat Boxing by Tenny
Excellent work! very impressive. Flawless.