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Wed, Jul 5 3:57 PM Announcements :: Pardon Our Cruft
cool! all the best with it!
Wed, Jul 5 3:55 PM The Big OT :: Quicktime
QuickTime on a PC is evil. Has been like that for years. I recently got into tro...
Sat, Apr 22 3:52 PM Help :: Regarding commercial use
In Holland this same license is much more simple: De gebruiker dient bij het we...
Mon, Mar 13 1:00 PM Announcements :: ccMixter on myspace
What's Tom doing there? ;p
Sat, Oct 8 6:10 AM The Big OT :: is selling my CC-nc track for $1.50
good suggestion. I contacted Archive. yes, those Russians are also ripping th...
Fri, Oct 7 10:59 PM The Big OT :: is selling my CC-nc track for $1.50 is selling One Small Track, a song of mine, in an album for $1...
Wed, Sep 28 8:19 PM The Big OT :: new ccHost Site: remix.linux
great! I always keep an eye on Ardour. maybe one day...
Wed, Sep 28 11:20 AM Announcements :: Welcome ccMixter ZA
yes, that's cool. Maybe Holland is interested too. I contacted CC Netherlands. W...
Thu, Sep 22 10:15 PM Features :: Psst
here's my story about it in english;
Thu, Sep 22 8:55 PM Features :: Psst
article for VPRO is online now:
Thu, Sep 22 2:50 AM Announcements :: Cool Reason Refills
yeah, thanks man!
Wed, Sep 21 8:01 PM Features :: Psst
Thanks for the extra info I will try those discussion-lists. I do believe I h...
Wed, Sep 21 7:53 PM Announcements :: Cool Reason Refills
it's Propellerhead, not Propellerheads. no connection.
Wed, Sep 21 4:22 AM Features :: Psst
good idea gurdonark! but I think I have emailed Mia some time ago, but never got...
Sun, Sep 18 8:49 PM Features :: Psst
I think that embedding the material rights in those Creative Commons licenses is...