Darkroom (mactonite):

Reviews left by Darkroom

Mon, Feb 1 9:21 AM Darkroom review of Old Time Heroes by Radioontheshelf
Cool vibe.
Sun, Jan 31 10:18 PM Darkroom review of Manhowler (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
There have been some stellar remixes lately. This is definitely one of them. Tha...
Sun, Jan 31 10:02 PM Darkroom review of Hold on by Geert Veneklaas
Whoa, this is next level. Great orchestration and piano work to match Snowflake'...
Sun, Jan 31 10:00 PM Darkroom review of Gotta Go (feat. Snowflake) by Siobhan Dakay
This is really good. Such a clean polished mix.
Sun, Jan 31 6:47 PM Darkroom review of Waiting to Return by SackJo22
You rocked this one to the max. Love the lyrics which I hope are uploaded.
Sun, Jan 31 6:44 PM Darkroom review of I'm Waiting 80's Remix by Dysfunction_AL
Like the retro synth sound you got here.
Sun, Jan 31 6:43 PM Darkroom review of The Villain Gets His Due by Speck
Gave you a like for the premise alone. diffin' the music too with the jazzy soun...
Fri, Jan 29 8:31 PM Darkroom review of Just Like Buster Keaton by Radioontheshelf
Wonderful song.
Fri, Jan 29 3:40 PM Darkroom review of I've Been Waiting At My Door by texasradiofish
Silky smooth.
Thu, Jan 28 3:17 PM Darkroom review of Always Wanting More (Vo1k1 Mix) by vo1k1
Full of mystery and suspense. This is great.
Thu, Jan 28 11:35 AM Darkroom review of I'm Waiting by Alex
I knew that when I saw your remix it would be great when I heard it. I was not d...
Thu, Jan 28 11:32 AM Darkroom review of Wellerman Comes by Stefan Kartenberg
Wed, Jan 27 7:09 PM Darkroom review of Dear Vita by Anchor
Nice vox.
Wed, Jan 27 11:00 AM Darkroom review of Alone (feat. Kara Square, Edgar Allan Poe) by Sathira10
Nice soundtrack feel. I like the way you synced up the vocals. Good first ccMixt...
Wed, Jan 27 8:38 AM Darkroom review of Dark White by Speck
Man I love this kind of stuff Speck. It kind of reminds me of Original Concept P...