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Reviews left by Darkroom

Thu, Oct 28 4:28 PM Darkroom review of Blue Ft Adisa McKenzie by JCrews
Nice bluesy feel. The mix is a bit mushy and could use some work however.
Thu, Oct 28 4:20 PM Darkroom review of Just As You Will by Admiral Bob
Admiral, impressive as usual.
Thu, Oct 28 4:18 PM Darkroom review of Not Your Normal Girl by Hans Atom
nice overall composition. Mix could use a small amount of work. Vocals = louder....
Thu, Oct 28 3:57 PM Darkroom review of WhiteOut for Halloween! by FGrn Grn
Nice work! Good translation of sounds.
Thu, Oct 28 3:53 PM Darkroom review of Youtube's Worst by secondraterap
It is pretty bad, but not the worst. Sorry.
Wed, Sep 29 3:13 PM Darkroom review of eller by serifkaya
very nice production.
Thu, Sep 23 11:19 AM Darkroom review of Thinkn' About It by ChaosFootMusic
The music is very nice! The lyrics seem to be slightly off, both tempo-wise and ...
Thu, Sep 23 11:14 AM Darkroom review of Life is Strange - Becauseus remix by NAPWRIGHT
nice idea, but this doesn't seem to go anywhere. Needs a bit more development.
Thu, Sep 23 11:11 AM Darkroom review of Maybe I Should Stay by johnathon_data
Beautiful backing music. The lyrics are almost not a good match to the backing, ...
Thu, Jul 29 9:20 AM Darkroom review of Sombre Street by Scomber
Very nice. I was wondering how someone could use the piano piece and you nailed ...
Fri, Jul 9 4:32 PM Darkroom review of Sleep Lightly by oldDog
Masterful! There must be something in Great Britain's air that makes one produce...
Tue, Jul 6 4:06 PM Darkroom review of bonobo business sample pack by _ghost
Thanks for uploading this w/o vocals seperately!
Mon, Jun 21 9:27 AM Darkroom review of Logic in Harmony by Admiral Bob
Great start on this fine summer solstice!
Wed, Jun 16 5:20 PM Darkroom review of Good to the Touch by spinmeister
Lovin it. Great sounding pop tune. Funny, I thought I would be the only one to s...
Mon, Jun 14 11:40 AM Darkroom review of Tell Somebody by Alex
I am diggin this track a lot. Perfect back track for the admiral.