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Darkroom (mactonite):

Reviews left by Darkroom

Tue, Feb 28 10:24 AM Darkroom review of Falling (Suddenly) by Siobhan Dakay
Another amazing mix. I just realized I am quickly becoming a fan of your work.
Thu, Feb 23 11:32 AM Darkroom review of HOLD TOGETHER by Stefan Kartenberg
You have captured the essence of early 70s funk quite well. Nice work!
Mon, Feb 20 12:05 PM Darkroom review of Independence Day by Hans Atom
Props on this one. Such a great mix.
Thu, Feb 16 7:30 PM Darkroom review of Painting the Sky by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Absolute smoothness. That bass is deeply soothing
Wed, Feb 15 12:49 PM Darkroom review of Falling (You And I) by Siobhan Dakay
Tue, Jan 31 12:03 PM Darkroom review of We've Never Met by Admiral Bob
Nice moving arrangement
Tue, Jan 31 11:59 AM Darkroom review of A Restful Moment by @nop
Mon, Jan 30 1:45 PM Darkroom review of Key Of Love (Blue) by Quarkstar
Nice work. I threw this down as my first ed pick!
Mon, Jan 30 1:01 PM Darkroom review of Universe by Dagon
Nicely done, this is a beauty. I especially loved the beginning to mid section. ...
Mon, Jan 30 9:56 AM Darkroom review of Who We Are by Hans Atom
Nice operatic driving sound here. Well done.
Sun, Jan 29 3:55 PM Darkroom review of Anywhere Everywhere by Siobhan Dakay
Wow, you threw a different twist on this. Nice light percussion backing with a w...
Wed, Jan 25 7:49 AM Darkroom review of Anywhere, Everywhere (Blind Love Dub Mix) by Speck
Speck, this is nice. It has flowing movement with a touch of haunting funk. Nice...
Tue, Jan 24 7:33 AM Darkroom review of darker love by Kristian Skybound
Wow! Nicely done.
Mon, Jan 23 9:17 AM Darkroom review of Electric Lady Supastar by Stefan Kartenberg
Well done, very catchy
Sun, Jan 22 9:33 PM Darkroom review of Paint The Sky by Jeris
Love the vibe on this. The music and words match perfectly.