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Darkroom (mactonite):

Reviews left by Darkroom

Tue, Jan 4 3:00 PM Darkroom review of Claire Marie by FORENSIC
I can totally relate. My baby girl just turned 4 and it is the most amazing thin...
Tue, Jan 4 2:54 PM Darkroom review of Secrets Kept In Glass Jars by Mana Junkie
Nice work. I would like to hear the drums a bit more, but that is probably not w...
Wed, Dec 29 11:52 AM Darkroom review of The Drunken Sailor's Plea to the Hooker by LiquidEyes
Nice and smooth.
Wed, Dec 29 11:47 AM Darkroom review of Silly Monkeyz by Mana Junkie
Well done!
Wed, Dec 29 11:44 AM Darkroom review of Let It In by spinningmerkaba
I like this. I think the production quality is excellent.
Tue, Dec 28 11:07 AM Darkroom review of Cherry Rocket by R3BEL-1
Very well done indeed!
Mon, Dec 27 8:48 AM Darkroom review of This Christmas Time by Scomber
Brings up the same emotions as when I listen to Patty Griffin. Crying on the ins...
Mon, Dec 27 8:43 AM Darkroom review of My Restless Strange Soul by MC Jack in the Box
Floating in space, in a good way
Mon, Dec 27 8:42 AM Darkroom review of A Matter of Time by salvatore_j
Nice clean mix
Mon, Dec 27 8:38 AM Darkroom review of c4n - The Strange Sunrise by c4n
A little dieselboy meets BT-ish but sounds great.
Mon, Dec 13 4:34 PM Darkroom review of Lifted Up.The Alex Beroza / Loveshadow Filter Fest by Loveshadow
Perfection. Another Loveshadow hit.
Mon, Dec 13 4:31 PM Darkroom review of the wanderer by septahelix
I am liking this. Very unique.
Mon, Dec 13 4:12 PM Darkroom review of Mother (from Soul Descendants) by Robin Schmitz
Nice string arrangement and piano work.
Fri, Dec 10 4:07 PM Darkroom review of Without LOVE by Loveshadow
I know I am a little late but just caught a glimpse of this track, so very nice.
Fri, Dec 10 3:34 PM Darkroom review of You Still Love Me by Rewob
Nicely done.