Break the Silence Event-extended!
Darkroom (mactonite):

Reviews left by Darkroom

Sat, Jul 4 9:10 PM Darkroom review of Lock In by Rataxes
Diggin this
Mon, Apr 27 9:11 AM Darkroom review of Knowledge is The Power by mykleanthony
Another nice mix. Nice raggaeton style beat. The vocals mix in perfectly with ev...
Sun, Apr 26 4:16 PM Darkroom review of Broken by mykleanthony
What a great mix.
Fri, Apr 24 4:07 PM Darkroom review of Outside Boom Jam by septahelix
Top notch mix
Tue, Apr 14 7:55 PM Darkroom review of Battle of the Titans by Kraftamt
Wed, Apr 8 2:23 AM Darkroom review of resonance by airtone
Wed, Apr 8 2:19 AM Darkroom review of Social Distancing (Extended Mix) (w/ Darkroom) by Whitewolf
Awesome job on the mix. Stay safe and best wishes for your mothers situation.
Tue, Mar 17 1:37 PM Darkroom review of Sweet smoke just a joke by Stefan Kartenberg
Nicely done
Thu, Mar 12 2:24 PM Darkroom review of open by Kristian V.
Enjoyable throughout
Tue, Sep 26 7:48 AM Darkroom review of The Missing Star by ich1
Wonderful instrumentation that makes the listener slow down and take a deep brea...
Mon, Sep 25 7:36 AM Darkroom review of UnReal Holiday by short hopper
Wonderfully grooving mix and the drum pattern does sound good.
Mon, Sep 25 7:31 AM Darkroom review of Healing Me by Dysfunction_AL
Nice moving mix.
Wed, Sep 13 4:05 PM Darkroom review of Transmutation by Kara Square
Not sure how to describe this, but I most definitely like it!
Wed, Sep 13 4:02 PM Darkroom review of Leaves of Rain (AussenDuckett Mix) by duckett
I love atmospheric work. Great mix.
Wed, Sep 13 4:01 PM Darkroom review of Deep Room by Vidian
Just got around to listening to this. Very nice work.