Reviews left by maajonic

Tue, Jul 7 7:36 AM maajonic review of One for Me by SackJo22
Love love love its really fun brighten up my day
Mon, May 11 4:46 PM maajonic review of War and Art and Love by CiggiBurns
love your voice its perfect and touching
Mon, May 11 3:29 PM maajonic review of What If by mykleanthony
thank you alot for working on my pella! i really love the idea and the chords yo...
Wed, Dec 10 7:04 AM maajonic review of The Brightest Star by Loveshadow
Well Loveshadow this may be one of the best christmas gifts ever! I am trully am...
Tue, Sep 23 9:03 AM maajonic review of Drugs by Kirkoid
Hey! that was really cool! :)
Mon, Jul 7 10:54 AM maajonic review of sleepin by grapes
Guys I'm a fan! great great great!
Mon, Jul 7 3:33 AM maajonic review of Sitting Bull stole my didgeridoo by radiotimes
Very unpredictable sound. Personnaly you made me rediscover the song again and f...
Wed, Jun 18 3:37 PM maajonic review of The shouting species by kulimu
its just a very good tripping 7 min of pure bliss... who would have thought that...
Tue, May 20 5:43 AM maajonic review of Guess This is Love (All Aboard mash) by teru
wooohooo! i loooooove it, the harmony is also really cool :)! thanks alot for th...
Sat, May 17 11:00 AM maajonic review of Guess this is love (-a-dub-dub) by rifft
AWESOME I'm dancing right now!
Thu, May 15 2:46 AM maajonic review of Remember The Name by AussieJohn - OneMUSICk
that was wicked! cool!
Thu, May 15 2:44 AM maajonic review of Dream Wish by AussieJohn - OneMUSICk
well thanks alot for working on this pella :) I really liked the arrangement you...
Thu, May 15 2:38 AM maajonic review of Guess this is love by AussieJohn - OneMUSICk
wow! that was fast mate :)! first thank you for using my track... I loved the id...
Sun, Apr 20 7:04 AM maajonic review of The Tears of Lady X by Loveshadow
Tue, Apr 15 8:43 AM maajonic review of tba by penston
that was an interesting take on my pella! loved it! and thank you alot for using...