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Fri, Feb 12 11:24 AM latopa review of Nobody's Gonna Die by Speck
Spekos, this one is a generous take of ccm mixe. I am worried with the USA e...
Tue, Feb 9 3:14 PM latopa review of That's The Way (Fast and Furious Mix) by spinningmerkaba
Great mix and super band crescendo
Sat, Feb 6 12:58 PM latopa review of The Test by unreal_dm
A humble blend between great musicians here
Fri, Feb 5 3:54 PM latopa review of Breakfast Jazz Duo by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
you are going ,big time
Fri, Feb 5 3:32 PM latopa review of Everything's Wonderful Unplugged by Stefan Kartenberg
Wonder mixer, musician,arranger, listener, just...everything is wonderful (hones...
Fri, Feb 5 3:23 PM latopa review of Destination Unknown by DeVenus
Balanced and chill
Fri, Feb 5 2:37 PM latopa review of Gods And Gladiators by Speck
Zappa could not have said it better, if he saw our time today in our society in ...
Fri, Feb 5 2:16 PM latopa review of It's Only Me by Donnie Ozone
Finally DOZ Long time, and a great mojo of samples and creativity, a pleasure...
Thu, Feb 4 3:57 PM latopa review of Miracles by Zep Hurme
Too many notes:) Zepos, That bass playing on this cut is totally wicked. ...
Tue, Feb 2 11:16 AM latopa review of RESURRECTION (At the River) .... by VickyDan
I am at an age to remember the music of Blade Runner the movie. You did the s...
Mon, Feb 1 2:50 PM latopa review of Kosmonaut (Orbit Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
1st take is always the best:) like better your 1st Kosmonaut
Sun, Jan 31 2:43 PM latopa review of Flower by Doxent Zsigmond
Flower power DZ, a great thoughtful sensitive music peace to Gene
Fri, Jan 29 3:35 PM latopa review of Melt Away by CSoul
fn arrangement with KS. Rhythm
Fri, Jan 29 2:39 PM latopa review of Sketchy part of town by Robert Anthony Ruzzo
great job...the bass player is a sub?
Thu, Jan 28 12:48 PM latopa review of Let Love Decide by Stefan Kartenberg
More bongos!