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Tue, Feb 24 12:03 PM latopa review of Come Back ( Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
a kudo techo job
Tue, Feb 24 11:43 AM latopa review of On the Earth (and of the Tree) by SackJo22
i hear a call...sack, you have the heart and spirit to make music for healing. ...
Tue, Feb 24 11:36 AM latopa review of Acceptance (SAW mix) + stems by stellarartwars
SW, you are an intense mixer DaB. My humble review is i would of made the bass (...
Sun, Feb 22 5:28 PM latopa review of Sweet Sanity by Stefan Kartenberg
rocking with heart
Sun, Feb 22 5:12 PM latopa review of Le tour de tes nuits by unreal_dm
one of the most difficult voice to mixe. And DM, you slammed it in the pocket wi...
Sun, Feb 22 5:08 PM latopa review of Take My Time by @nop
you took your time to mix this... a nop thumb
Sun, Feb 22 4:55 PM latopa review of Treeline (Chain Saw Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
demonstrates the undeniable talent you have with music and(ccm).2 views of a voi...
Sun, Feb 22 11:54 AM latopa review of Treeline (Jazz Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
again, you made me tear. All i can continue your talent
Sun, Feb 22 11:18 AM latopa review of Bird Water Wind Harp Violin by Jeris
the patience and love of music bravo J
Sun, Feb 22 11:11 AM latopa review of Secret Things (Mellow Downtempo) Ft Snowfake, Old Dog, Doxent Zsigmond and Admiral Bob by coruscate
great emotions you did on this. May i say elevate more your mix on volume(to my ...
Sun, Feb 22 10:54 AM latopa review of The Heavenly Vision by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
all i can say is peace
Fri, Feb 20 3:58 PM latopa review of Acceptance by Zep Hurme
Absolutly....FNA. Zep. Everything is cooking,grooving...a great jazzy mix. Man a...
Thu, Feb 19 8:09 AM latopa review of Acceptance Lullaby by Speck, the forces of crystal bowls
Wed, Feb 18 12:09 PM latopa review of Still (George Nobush City Limits Mix) by stellarartwars
music for got a weird sense of humor:)
Tue, Feb 17 5:18 PM latopa review of Triggernometry Progressive Deep House Mix by Xalpheric
theirs speck doing wacky s&*( and you techno guys doing ?&*(. It all comes toget...