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Ms.Vybe (kendra):

Reviews left by Ms.Vybe

Mon, Sep 26 5:42 PM Ms.Vybe review of Valsinha (cdk Like Me Mix) by Analog By Nature
OMG, this beat is tha shit, my dude. I'm gonna murder this shit a thousand times...
Mon, May 9 1:19 PM Ms.Vybe review of Summertime by ScOmBer
hey, this is TOO GROOVY!!! I like it a lot. Thank u Scomber. U rock. I put it ...
Wed, Mar 16 2:21 PM Ms.Vybe review of Snail Fetish (Toe Jam Toast) by Sawtooth
Hott! Me likes! Thank u!!!
Mon, Sep 20 12:06 AM Ms.Vybe review of 808 Soldier (cdk mix) by Analog By Nature
Dude, ur such a bad ass!
Tue, Apr 20 10:05 PM Ms.Vybe review of Life is a strange Mustang by reusenoise
Me likey!
Tue, Apr 20 10:02 PM Ms.Vybe review of Summertine (Pun RMX) by pun
Woulda been ill if it was synced up....Dang it!
Tue, Apr 20 10:01 PM Ms.Vybe review of SIDE STEP / LOFI EXPERIENCE by BOCrew
Major sync issues...
Tue, Apr 20 9:59 PM Ms.Vybe review of the hallway by penston
I'm hella confused...
Thu, Apr 8 2:52 AM Ms.Vybe review of Song Of Peace by Analog By Nature
As usual, u concocted another heater! Gotta go in on this 1!
Sat, Mar 20 10:51 PM Ms.Vybe review of Stop What You Do! by DoKashiteru
Absolutely love this! No lie, this should get an editor's pick. U got robbed if ...
Mon, Mar 8 7:43 PM Ms.Vybe review of DIPLOMAHTIK by Blake
Hey, this is nice. The vocals are off, but I still like what u tried. Thanks 4 t...
Mon, Mar 8 7:40 PM Ms.Vybe review of "You" (cdk's stripped and tripped mix) by Analog By Nature
Man, this is a monster! Whew, I may have to jump on this 1...Hott. Arizona hott....