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Reviews left by jacindae

Thu, Jun 17 10:04 PM jacindae review of I don't care anymore by DJ.E-State
I think it needs to be said a few million more times, this is fantastic.
Thu, Jun 17 9:51 PM jacindae review of Good to the Touch by spinmeister
The brilliant writer on whose work this song is based told me about this remix b...
Fri, Jun 4 9:40 AM jacindae review of Blue Boy by Geert Veneklaas
I had missed this, but heard it this morning in Anchor's podcast, and I'm SO GLA...
Thu, Jun 3 10:31 AM jacindae review of Promised Land (616 mix) by Grizzly616
Sorry I'm so late in reviewing this! I really like it though!!! I listen to a ...
Mon, May 3 8:42 PM jacindae review of Uh-oh by Elias May
This is super fun! Thanks for the great mix...I love me some disco. As for cha...
Mon, May 3 8:38 PM jacindae review of EMPIRE OF THE ANGELS by BOCrew
You've done it again...this is AWESOME.
Mon, May 3 8:18 PM jacindae review of Here's Your Chance by Alex
I think this is an awesome combination. Great mix!!!!
Sun, Apr 11 9:19 PM jacindae review of El Tango de la Esperanza Perdida by unreal_dm
I love the bass track you've put in here, between that and the groovey organs, t...
Fri, Apr 2 3:40 PM jacindae review of Flight of the Golden Bees by Ivan Chew
I really love those angry crunchy guitars....I think the most challenging thing ...
Wed, Mar 31 9:46 PM jacindae review of Kyrie Eleison by electrodeaf
I really like this. You've done some really awesome stuff, I love how on the Ch...
Sun, Mar 28 10:48 PM jacindae review of Too Late by MC_Walker
I really like the way you've utilized the various samples in this and made this ...
Sun, Mar 28 10:41 PM jacindae review of Wonderful dream by siky
Veeeeery cool. I really like this, it's quite close to the idea I had in my hea...
Mon, Mar 22 9:40 PM jacindae review of Elevator by Ms.Vybe
EPIC!!! This is so favorite!
Sun, Mar 21 3:17 AM jacindae review of Rondo Thirst(DANGER) by error404
it gave me menergy. I think.
Sun, Mar 21 2:14 AM jacindae review of After the War by SackJo22
Just beautiful. Very nice work.