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SoboSystem (howtolisten22nd):

Reviews left by SoboSystem

Thu, Jan 17 11:44 AM SoboSystem review of Room 205 by Scomber
There are some very talented musicians in this group and you are one of them. ...
Thu, Jan 17 11:38 AM SoboSystem review of In the clouds by Stefan Kartenberg
Very lush and rich. Big swells. Inspirational.
Tue, Jan 15 6:11 PM SoboSystem review of Artificial Singing Robot by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Ha, this is great! This site is great.
Mon, Jan 14 7:11 AM SoboSystem review of Supernatural (mash-up) by Speck
Excellent. I love going meta.
Sat, Jan 12 9:57 AM SoboSystem review of Me Robo El Show by raja_ffm
DANG! That rap is hot and the beats are funky.
Sat, Jan 12 6:41 AM SoboSystem review of Tone Formations by Correspondence
I really like the textures that you provide for people. Lots of depth and variet...
Sat, Jan 12 6:32 AM SoboSystem review of Alaska (Vocals) by SackJo22
This is so personal and so deep. Really intimate and clear. Love it.
Sat, Jan 12 6:24 AM SoboSystem review of You Are My Home by Kara Square
Really sweet and positive. Also, nice that you share the chords.
Sat, Jan 12 6:04 AM SoboSystem review of stay for this moment by Kristian Skybound
I love the rhythms and groove in the background. Very nice.
Thu, Jan 10 7:53 AM SoboSystem review of Lofi Barroom Crowd Noise 1979 by texasradiofish
This actually brings back memories since I was in Kindergarten in 1979 and my da...
Wed, Jan 9 11:16 AM SoboSystem review of Under The Speckled Sky by Speck
Yay! Way cool. I feel like I am closer to being a real CCM citizen!
Tue, Jan 8 5:08 PM SoboSystem review of I Won't Fall by Apoxode
Groovy. Thanks for sharing your VSTs used. I have a very small group and want to...
Mon, Jan 7 8:58 AM SoboSystem review of SECOND THOUGHTS by Martin Cee (softmartin)
I definitely like this kind of non-linear stuff. I am looking forward to seeing ...
Mon, Jan 7 7:02 AM SoboSystem review of Are You Ready? by texasradiofish
Mon, Jan 7 6:37 AM SoboSystem review of Sweet Home East Yorkshire by Stefan Kartenberg
I heard this on Martin's CCMixture podcast. Excellent.