Come Together Secret Mixter Signups
Thu, Mar 25 9:21 PM The Big OT :: labels
I'm glad to share what little I know!
Tue, Mar 23 7:57 PM The Big OT :: labels
Here's a few out of many. Aaahh Records is quite good for acoustic pop/folk and...
Sat, Mar 6 1:55 PM The Big OT :: WHO HERE IS SUPER PUMPED FOR MARCH MIXUP MADNESS!?1!!?1!!!?!one!!?
I love secret mixter. I always come away from it with a better appreciation of t...
Fri, Mar 5 10:45 PM Announcements :: Final Cool Music Show
Great work, MC Jack in the Box. Well done!
Mon, Feb 8 9:08 PM The Big OT :: SOMEONES BIRTHDAY TODAY!!
A belated happy birthday! I hope your day was great.
Tue, Feb 2 5:04 PM The Big OT :: Dead Music
I hope you're able to repair/replace and get back in action soon!
Sat, Jan 30 7:26 PM Pluggy Plugs :: "new" "album" from Do Kashiteru
y'all are really talented, and it's good to see you putting more material "out t...
Sat, Jan 23 7:03 PM Announcements :: 'REDUCE, REMIX, RECYCLE, REMIX' PROJECT
I must work on getting my laptop set up for more mobile music-making again :). T...
Sat, Jan 23 6:51 PM Announcements :: 'REDUCE, REMIX, RECYCLE, REMIX' PROJECT
My goodness. Somehow I missed this response. I am sorry I did not get samples up...
Sat, Jan 23 4:58 PM Bugs :: curious message
I've been using a Google Chrome browser on my desktop PC and in the little place...
Mon, Jan 18 1:23 PM The Big OT :: Did anyone watch/record CSI Jan 14?
Cool! I hope they get their credit.
Fri, Jan 15 11:51 PM The Big OT :: Rolling Back at ccM
I did like one thing about my own run-in, years ago--ease of diagnosis. When I s...
Fri, Jan 15 3:16 PM The Big OT :: just want to say hello!
Welcome to the site!
Mon, Dec 28 5:38 AM Announcements :: 'REDUCE, REMIX, RECYCLE, REMIX' PROJECT
Great project! It will be fun!
Tue, Dec 22 7:25 PM The Big OT :: Micing a Mandolin
it'll be great to hear your mandolin samples!