Rise from the Ashes Event

Reviews left by gurdonark

Sun, Nov 18 7:09 PM gurdonark review of fuzionmusik by panu
You're right--higher volume was best for listening to this one. Great surroundin...
Sun, Nov 18 7:05 PM gurdonark review of Reap What We Sow (on the monkey swing) by Scomber
Really creative summation of this material into a bit of vocal fun with full ba...
Sun, Nov 18 7:00 PM gurdonark review of Journey by Martin Cee (softmartin)
The blend here makes for a really fun remix!
Sun, Nov 18 6:56 PM gurdonark review of The Junglist (with getatmic) by Mana Junkie
A rich backing track whose initial section reminded me of Isaac Hayes.
Sun, Nov 18 6:51 PM gurdonark review of commonGround by airtone
Catchy, upbeat song!
Sun, Nov 18 6:47 PM gurdonark review of Flower (ft Doxent Zsigmond) by Bluemillenium
I do not know all the answers in this story, but I enjoyed reading and turing th...
Sun, Nov 18 6:39 PM gurdonark review of Lucky Massive Dangerous by Speck
I like the way that your jazz combo plays with fervor, as if the temperature in ...
Sun, Nov 18 6:34 PM gurdonark review of NO BPM by Loveshadow
In my science-fiction novel, "Close My Eyes" would be the prologue, and this coo...
Sun, Nov 18 6:28 PM gurdonark review of Since I've Been Loving You by Siobhan Dakay
The interplay between the strings and the piano at the end is particularly lovel...
Sun, Nov 18 6:19 PM gurdonark review of Crossing the Bar by simonlittlefield
Those additions and subtractions and home-made additions make this an offbeat an...
Sun, Nov 18 6:12 PM gurdonark review of Eyes Closed by mwic
We planted milkweed in our backyard a few years ago. We planted it to aid the M...
Sun, Nov 18 5:54 PM gurdonark review of Up in Flames by Kara Square
I like the way you blend in the elements of this song to create a unique whole. ...
Sun, Nov 18 5:49 PM gurdonark review of Tombstone by reiswerk
Just before the guns are drawn, the cowboys are lifted by hot air balloon and tr...
Sun, Nov 18 5:43 PM gurdonark review of R37OOP3D by septahelix
Dancefloor fun to get the bodies moving, the hands waving and the fists pumping
Sun, Nov 18 5:36 PM gurdonark review of Gotta Break Free (Setting 3 Mix) by duckett
Like teleporting to a really cool party on a warm evening in July.