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Thu, Jul 26 8:55 AM review of No Gas Ups by karmickill
karmickill, I love this!... love the scratching, the great beat and how you crea...
Fri, Jul 6 9:35 AM review of We Are Not Evil-The Lang&Alex RockMix by Alex
THIS IS F@#KING AWESOME!!! You guys really threw it down on this... very very im...
Thu, Jul 5 8:10 AM review of Que Pena (Treatment) by fourstones
INCREDIBLE!!! This hypnotizes... the vocals are great, and the remix is just awe...
Thu, Jul 5 8:03 AM review of Killah Konflik by sgrunt
I think this sounds great!
Wed, Jun 27 8:24 AM review of I'm funkyn'love you (COMPLETE version) by DeeJawu
Yo DeeJawu... I like this remix, just wanted to give you a heads up that you did...
Sat, Jun 23 9:29 AM review of Cidade Sol Rmx by ASHWAN
Fri, Jun 22 1:29 PM review of excuse me mister by DrGoldklang
I dig it!
Wed, Jun 20 10:25 AM review of What U Mean No? by fourstones
Victor... I may be 3 years late reviewing this one, but this is my first time he...
Mon, Jun 18 10:35 AM review of Superior... by bombero
That's some funky sh*t Bombero... sounds great!!!
Mon, Jun 18 10:30 AM review of RAP-RIM / Bad boys from Nouakchott by BOCrew
Yo BOCrew, this is GREAT!!! I love it! Amazing work as always.
Mon, Jun 18 10:20 AM review of Madrugada(rmx) by savoyard
wow... the remix is amazing, and the vocals are amazing too. Great job putting t...
Mon, Jun 18 9:08 AM review of You Asked for it (world is different mix) by DJ BLUE