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Mon, Sep 10 11:13 AM review of Dubway by _ghost
Wed, Aug 29 2:20 PM review of Maybe July by Pitx
Very, very, nice work Pitx... I really like this. The guitars sound beautiful!
Fri, Aug 17 11:08 AM review of Magic by oldDog
Very very nice remix oldDog!
Thu, Aug 16 12:39 PM review of Technology by teru
Very cool indeed... great remix!
Thu, Aug 16 10:25 AM review of Crazy Love by MC Jack in the Box
This is f#@king awesome!!! That's worth saying again... This is f#@king awesome!...
Wed, Aug 15 7:54 AM review of Crazy Love(Shadow) UK2NYC by Loveshadow
WOW! Damn this is good. LS you made a very beautiful soundtrack to this amazing ...
Wed, Aug 8 10:51 AM review of Shadow Games( Radio Mix) by Loveshadow
WOW, I agree... this is an awesome song!!! It sounds very very good and has a gr...
Mon, Aug 6 1:42 PM review of A Bit About Meself (Toasters Toasting Toast Remix) by Sawtooth
HAHAHAHAHA... this is great! The lyrics by Alex are hilarious. Sawtooth, I think...
Thu, Aug 2 9:06 AM review of Overreacting - Half Full mix by teru
Teru, this is awesome. You are damn good... but of course we already know this!!...
Thu, Jul 26 8:55 AM review of No Gas Ups by karmickill
karmickill, I love this!... love the scratching, the great beat and how you crea...
Fri, Jul 6 9:35 AM review of We Are Not Evil-The Lang&Alex RockMix by Alex
THIS IS F@#KING AWESOME!!! You guys really threw it down on this... very very im...
Thu, Jul 5 8:03 AM review of Killah Konflik by sgrunt
I think this sounds great!
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