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Reviews left by ike_poet

Sat, Sep 2 5:59 PM ike_poet review of Gentle Bird by Barzakh
VERY groovy mix Barzakh... Thanks for using my samples! I like it :)
Fri, Jul 31 9:45 AM ike_poet review of feel the power by Stefan Kartenberg
great work Stefan! thanks for using my stuff
Tue, Sep 9 5:38 PM ike_poet review of Music Connects Us (who takes the stick) by Platinum Butterfly
way cool, PB! I feel connected
Sun, Aug 31 7:38 AM ike_poet review of H'Om On The Range by Speck
very cool, Speck! you have a great voice
Sat, Aug 30 9:29 AM ike_poet review of H'Om by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
i really like this Martijn! thank you :)
Sun, Aug 24 9:56 AM ike_poet review of Silent Moments Ft Ike Poet by coruscate
cool take on my vocals, and the jazzy track is slick... what is the chorus (whic...
Sun, Aug 24 8:54 AM ike_poet review of Forever by Speck
wonderful use of my vocals! i love the hypnotic trance effect of the piece
Thu, Aug 21 4:35 PM ike_poet review of Simple Story by CSoul
CSoul, this is a fantastic remix, thank you so much! And I look forward to more ...
Mon, Aug 18 3:08 PM ike_poet review of Needle and Thread by Stefan Kartenberg
fantastic remix Stefan! thank you, i love it
Wed, Aug 13 6:16 AM ike_poet review of Chant to Ma by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Martijn, this is beautiful.. sets the mood, meditative, a wonderful remix.. thx!...
Wed, Aug 13 6:08 AM ike_poet review of The Traveler Hesitates At The End Of The Line by Speck
way cool, Speck! like a jazz twilight zone
Tue, Aug 12 9:59 PM ike_poet review of Journey by Stefan Kartenberg
WOW Stefan! this is fantastic... thx for the great remix :)