Break the Silence Event
J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Sat, May 30 6:57 AM J.Lang review of The night train by Kraftamt
WOW Very beautiful. That Sax... wow
Sat, May 30 6:40 AM J.Lang review of Hope is a choice by Dysfunction_AL
Very Beautiful
Sat, May 30 6:35 AM J.Lang review of Victory by texasradiofish
Funky, & Soulful. This is fire!!!!
Sat, May 30 6:27 AM J.Lang review of Possibility by Kara Square
nice very nice
Sat, May 23 4:09 PM J.Lang review of As We Begin Again by Speck
This is Fire. Nice Work.
Sun, May 17 9:39 AM J.Lang review of Tape Op by texasradiofish
Short but Sweet.
Sun, May 17 9:36 AM J.Lang review of Stay Calm, Lockdown, Wash Your Hands by texasradiofish
Very Kool. Great Work Sir. thanks for including me in your mix.
Tue, May 12 12:37 PM J.Lang review of preamble by airtone
I Love the Guitars on this. Very nice
Tue, May 12 12:31 PM J.Lang review of F۞t꒰fᴗl tᴗrnar✺ᴗnd by -=₪۩MU۞SE۩₪=-
Love this. You might want to credit Ms Vybe for vocals on the crash. Nice Mix.
Tue, May 12 12:26 PM J.Lang review of Let Me Live Long Enough by Speck
Sat, May 9 7:29 PM J.Lang review of Tha Crash by raja_ffm
That intro reminds me of summer madness by kool and the gang. This is hot.
Sat, May 9 7:26 PM J.Lang review of Love is My Road Back to You by texasradiofish
Old school COOL
Fri, May 8 6:58 AM J.Lang review of Stand Tall by Stefan Kartenberg
beautiful mix.
Thu, May 7 1:53 PM J.Lang review of Different Planet by Loveshadow
This is magic. I love this track with his vocals. Very clear and clean mix. You...
Mon, Apr 27 11:19 AM J.Lang review of Broken by mykleanthony