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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Wed, Jun 8 2:22 AM J.Lang review of Sound of the Future by teru
Hot track. I like the slow build up. 5 stars
Fri, Jun 3 1:03 PM J.Lang review of Again by The Unrecorded
Great track...great sounds...great mix...Great!!!!!
Fri, Jun 3 12:54 PM J.Lang review of OFFICIAL SOUNDS by ASHWAN
Great track !!!!!!!!!
Fri, Jun 3 12:51 PM J.Lang review of Hamlets' Theme by fourstones
Love the guitar playing and the mix of the vocals tracks. Great track.
Fri, Jun 3 12:27 PM J.Lang review of BOOJ-WAH-ZHE by Ms.Vybe
I Like this track a lot. I can hear someone singing to this with a different dru...
Fri, Jun 3 12:06 PM J.Lang review of Still Hustlin nixx remix by nixx_
Wow!!! Although not my favorite mix of Still Hustlin, i think this a good mix. I...
Wed, Jun 1 6:52 AM J.Lang review of The poet by The fog society
Great sounds.
Wed, Jun 1 6:45 AM J.Lang review of Cricket remix by Click
Moving .... Nice job and Welcome.
Mon, May 30 4:05 AM J.Lang review of Hustlin Angels by fourstones
The keys and the drum track in the beginging of this song reminds me of a song c...
Sat, May 28 2:03 PM J.Lang review of still hustlin'-DU-remix by deutscheunschuld
Wow !!! Taking it another level i see. Different and just as moving as Beatgoril...
Sat, May 28 1:43 AM J.Lang review of Look and Feel years Younger-teru-remix by teru
Good tune, I wish the guitar a was a bit louder but the mix works for me.
Fri, May 27 12:30 PM J.Lang review of ill Hustlin' (Still Remixin') by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
NOW that .....Is Dat Shyt!!!!! The head nod, The foot tap, and the body rockin a...
Fri, May 27 5:26 AM J.Lang review of LOst Boy (short stories series) by Cezary Ostrowski
Crazy and fun. I had to listen to it a few times. I'm still a little lost, but w...
Fri, May 27 5:17 AM J.Lang review of sham by dotCommunism
Drums took me back to the 80's but not a bad thing. I like it.
Fri, May 27 5:15 AM J.Lang review of reflexos do corpo by Eletroporus
I haven't been able to breath right since i heard this track. I'm not sure what ...