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Wed, Aug 3 6:24 AM J.Lang review of Dont Tech-No For An Answer ( Callmeyang Laid Back Remix ) by callmeyang
Jazzy & Sexy. Loving That Funky Bass and the Keys Oh So Sweet. My ipod seem...
Tue, Aug 2 7:34 PM J.Lang review of Below the Summer After by LM5
Nice track, Really like this one. Love the keys...Damn I wish i could play.
Tue, Aug 2 2:44 PM J.Lang review of Sound From Our Souls by Minus Kelvin
Kelvin your deeper than the black hole. Very well put together like all of your ...
Tue, Aug 2 2:40 PM J.Lang review of Djizz - Cuban Luv by Kwame
sounds like sex or whales.....different but cool.
Tue, Aug 2 2:38 PM J.Lang review of BEATcaja (beatbox) by torres21
Now this is nice. Can i get that beat box as a pella? Did u do the beat box in ...
Tue, Aug 2 2:34 PM J.Lang review of Bad Attraction-teru-remix by teru
I thought i reviewed this before. Any way ..Funky ass Rock track with a great b...
Tue, Aug 2 2:29 PM J.Lang review of Below (Emotix) by dreamfilter
I really like what u did with the vocals. I don't think i would of let the drops...
Tue, Aug 2 2:24 PM J.Lang review of Below (Mr. Drummand Mix) by dreamfilter
A little out there for my taste but i like it.
Tue, Aug 2 2:15 PM J.Lang review of I'm Cold by Fancyhorse
I like the guitar playing and that superfast uptempo beat.
Tue, Aug 2 2:11 PM J.Lang review of poor me 1 by he_ryhmes
Nice track but to short.
Tue, Aug 2 2:09 AM J.Lang review of fork in the road by tilitpays
You really need to upload a pella. I'm really feeling that. Sax is a very nice...
Tue, Aug 2 1:43 AM J.Lang review of Cuckoo (Funk Chaos Remix) by Brad Reiss
I felt like i was on one those crazy rides at a amusement park and some crazy ki...
Sun, Jul 31 7:11 PM J.Lang review of I swim (radio edit) by Cezary Ostrowski
Broken arm and all, i see you still manage to bring treats to the table.
Sat, Jul 30 6:00 PM J.Lang review of Soul of a man by callmeyang
I'm a FAN. Love your stuff and this is hot.
Sat, Jul 30 5:55 PM J.Lang review of Djiz - Funky Instrumental by Kwame
I'm sorry Djiz, i had to take that pella off the site for now. We are working on...