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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Sat, Jul 16 7:36 PM J.Lang review of Religion(Holy Ghost vocal mix) ft.Deutscheunschuld by THE "ANT-EATER"
Nice...I love the claps.
Sat, Jul 16 7:29 PM J.Lang review of The Cuckoo (Veil Mix) by L
Nice guitar work, and great strings. I love it when the vocals and music sounds ...
Sat, Jul 16 7:24 PM J.Lang review of Below ( Super Agent 33 Stuck in the K hole remix ) by eardesigns
Everybody dance. Very Cool Mix.
Sat, Jul 16 7:20 PM J.Lang review of can these pitch things by deutscheunschuld
Very nice.
Fri, Jul 15 4:59 AM J.Lang review of Below (Lost in the city Mix) by Dj Dollar Bill
Nice start but it seems to need more. Being different is nice but IMO it's just ...
Fri, Jul 15 4:43 AM J.Lang review of Gone Forever Gone by SoLaRiS
Like the guitar work. A little out there for me. Good mix
Fri, Jul 15 4:41 AM J.Lang review of beLOW - wOOdy-LSD-PROmixx by wOOdy
Not my kind of groove, i had to listen to it a few times. Way out there and t...
Fri, Jul 15 4:34 AM J.Lang review of pls-crepman-grunge-90bpm by Chillheimer&Soundbitch
I can see someone looping this but it needs more.
Fri, Jul 15 4:26 AM J.Lang review of LIDOCAINE by Chimakro&Soundbitch
2 short and intro is to long. But i'll give u a 3.5. I like it. Where is the f...
Thu, Jul 14 1:27 PM J.Lang review of It's Alive Below by SoLaRiS
Very Koooooooooooooool.
Thu, Jul 14 1:25 PM J.Lang review of Cant We Can We (FINAL) by fourstones
Although I enjoy his vocals i found it very hard to sync them up. I see you did ...
Thu, Jul 14 7:33 AM J.Lang review of Can't We...-teru-remix by teru
Nice very very nice.
Wed, Jul 13 6:46 PM J.Lang review of Brilliant Daze (days are confused mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Another great job. I do hear that 80's groove to it. It's not a bad thing. I me...
Wed, Jul 13 6:42 PM J.Lang review of Don't Stop (Shakey Mix) by Shakey
Welcome to club. Good job, i'm looking forward to hearing more.
Wed, Jul 13 6:41 PM J.Lang review of Lisa's a Star by teru
You had me at the first note. Jazzy, sweet, funky and cool. Teru your always on ...