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J.Lang (djlang59):

Reviews left by J.Lang

Sun, Jun 17 4:48 AM J.Lang review of Eye of the Owl (Waylaid Mix) by SackJo22
Beautiful track, dreamy, bluesy and delightful.
Sun, Jun 17 4:17 AM J.Lang review of Heartbit by Alex
Alex, funk and cool at the same time. Always top notch production. Great work A...
Sun, Jun 17 4:05 AM J.Lang review of Just Breathe (Donkey Kicks in the Operatic Remix) by Donkey Horse Mule
Love the percussion in the beginning and that piano is hypnotic. Really loved t...
Sun, Mar 25 9:43 AM J.Lang review of Detachment by Alex
Nicely done.
Tue, Mar 20 8:46 PM J.Lang review of When you smile : ) by Jeris
Wow... Beautiful indeed
Sun, Mar 4 8:37 PM J.Lang review of Love Song by Speck
This is Very Cool.
Sun, Mar 4 4:04 PM J.Lang review of With Love by Stephen Fewell
That Intro floored me... LOVE IT Sweet track and sweet mix. Stems Stems stem...
Sun, Mar 4 3:40 PM J.Lang review of For You, I'll Go There by texasradiofish
Sorry i'm late to the party. Funky funky funky !!! I first heard this on my Ip...
Fri, Mar 2 4:07 PM J.Lang review of If You Wait by Alex
The Loveshadow version is beautiful, sweet and geared toward pop radio. This ver...
Sat, Feb 25 9:52 AM J.Lang review of If You Wait (Anahitas Promise) by Loveshadow
Thu, Feb 23 4:02 PM J.Lang review of Red Light Images by copperhead
: ) Was That Sherly Crow in the intro... Oh SackoJo22 You go girl !! You G...
Thu, Feb 23 3:53 PM J.Lang review of Piece of Me by Jeris
As Soon as i heard that Intro, I said to myself... (self ) did Jeris get Al Gree...
Thu, Feb 23 3:47 PM J.Lang review of Dangerous Change by The.Spirit.Of.Light
At times in the vocals i can almost hear a little Isaac Hayes. Great Mix. Sooo D...
Thu, Feb 23 3:30 PM J.Lang review of Tumblin Down (cdk Mix) by Analog By Nature
Sorry i'm late to the party. This is hot CDK Crazy and Cool. Very Nice
Thu, Feb 23 3:26 PM J.Lang review of Stay (High tempo mix) + Construction kit by coruscate
Sweet and Soulful. Very nice productions. Got me singing and nodding my head....