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Reviews left by J.Lang

Mon, Oct 28 7:21 PM J.Lang review of I Know Your Voice by Blake
Sounds good Blake. Nice work withFL studios.
Mon, Oct 28 7:09 PM J.Lang review of Love (ft Snowflake) by SackJo22
Nice Club Mix Banging ... Love love love IT !!!!
Mon, Oct 28 7:04 PM J.Lang review of El Embrujo by CSoul
Very Cool Track
Mon, Feb 18 6:30 AM J.Lang review of Gunn Control by Calling Sister Midnight
Cooler than the other side of the pillow.
Mon, Feb 18 6:26 AM J.Lang review of Maybe by My Free Mickey
Mon, Feb 18 6:22 AM J.Lang review of Calling Sister Mixter with a Secret at Midnight by Kara Square
Kara I can Dig It.
Sun, Feb 17 10:00 PM J.Lang review of Secret Things by Snowflake
It's no secret that you have a great talent. BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for the ear ca...
Sun, Feb 17 9:42 PM J.Lang review of The Haunted Hotel by SackJo22
Impressive Sackjo. I didn't see this coming from you but i like it. Scary & Swee...
Sun, Feb 17 9:38 PM J.Lang review of everyday by airtone
Wow...... Airtone, CSoul & Songboy3 on a track. Sweet Soul Music indeed. Ed Pic...
Sun, Feb 17 9:33 PM J.Lang review of This Is Where IT Begins by copperhead
The Production is on the money. Nice Spoken Word dance track.
Sun, Feb 17 1:24 PM J.Lang review of CDK Hidden Message Fortune Cookie Suite by DFF_Sound_System
DFF SOUND SYSTEM ROCKS This is what i call ear candy. Good to the last drop. Th...
Sun, Feb 17 1:11 PM J.Lang review of Don't Go (RumbleStep Mix) by Analog By Nature
Like Always CDK you get it in. Banging Track full of energy !!!
Sun, Feb 17 12:54 PM J.Lang review of I'm Leaving by debbizo
NIce Mix :-) Debbizo and i love the guitar. Thank you for the smile.
Sat, Feb 16 10:31 PM J.Lang review of Die Jugend spaltet das Atom ( Ente des Atomzeitalters Mix) by duckett
Creative, duck like Electronic Funk.
Sat, Feb 16 10:24 PM J.Lang review of Star Illusion (Dusty City Mix) by 7OOP3D
Always top notch productions. Very Nice.