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Reviews left by Darkangel

Sun, Jun 20 10:38 AM Darkangel review of Purple Nurple by Alex
ha,,,all i got to say is "I fell in love" so far my fave mix,,love how you mixed...
Sun, Jun 20 10:36 AM Darkangel review of Darkangell Deconstructed by Tenny
i was really excited to see who remixed me and what would pop up, its mind blowi...
Sun, Jun 20 7:57 AM Darkangel review of Logic in Harmony by Admiral Bob
abosoluty loved the feeling of the song,, :)
Sun, Jun 20 7:56 AM Darkangel review of Prism in the Ether by Fireproof_Babies
pretty powerful aray of sound here :)
Sun, Jun 20 7:54 AM Darkangel review of Different Places by oberonskye
really cool feeling and musical setting in the song :)
Sun, Jun 20 7:45 AM Darkangel review of tellsome.body by El.ector
neat cut at the begining of the song,,i thought it was
Sun, May 23 12:14 PM Darkangel review of Inside Outside (the song) by Snowflake
i love this ,,it has inspired me to write something for it :),, woohoo the gears...
Mon, May 17 10:12 PM Darkangel review of BoyTrouble Yeh eh Yeh by Leza Boyland
good as all your other ones,you rock,just used this and one other for a new remi...
Tue, Mar 23 10:47 AM Darkangel review of Long line Blues by Leza Boyland
leza you have such a powerfull voice,,your simply amazing,,oh by the way iam red...
Tue, Mar 9 6:03 AM Darkangel review of Chase sequence by Fireproof_Babies
very interesting idea with the demo i put up,,sorry it wasnt cut up into parts t...
Thu, Feb 25 3:53 AM Darkangel review of Snowflake ccMixter Promo by Snowflake
snowflake were did the background music for this little interlude come from and ...
Fri, Feb 12 10:43 PM Darkangel review of Wayfaring Stranger by BoHeart
Simply Loved the vocal preformance :) ive just did a trance/dance remix using it...
Sun, Jan 31 9:35 PM Darkangel review of Hide the Sad Songs by eshar
very cool spoken word,,i like your voice :)
Mon, Jan 25 5:06 PM Darkangel review of Summertime Feeling Replaced by Leza Boyland
i loved this track so much it inspired me to write a great trance song,,i fiddle...
Wed, Jan 13 7:38 AM Darkangel review of Eye Magic Mix by Lasswell
wow fantastic feel to the song great job :)