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Darkangell Deconstructed

uploaded: Sun, Jun 20, 2010 @ 12:39 AM
FeaturingDarkangell, Panu Moon
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I have to admit that when I received the summer mixter ‘10 assignment and saw Darkangell I said “who?”. I then spend a few hours listening to everything either done by Darkangell or remixed with reference to Darkangell’s material. After all of that I must confess I may have been more confused. Don’t get me wrong his material is great, I just didn’t know where to start. Well eventually I started breaking down individual stems and found a few that really resonated with me. I started challenging myself to present Darkangell material in a way that breaks from the progressive dance style more commonly associated with his music. I was able to incorporate the bass loop from his You Got me Hooked sample pack, not once but twice in the song. As a straight sample (with a slight pitch adjustment) and a signal modulator for the soft strings. Additionally I used pluck lead 1 from the same sample pack to add some ambiance to the song. I then went on a search for an vocal that fit the soul of the new song. I few hours in a stumbled across Panu Moon’s folk tale Bottomless Need. I heard just one line and knew I had to make it work… it was so emotionally charged for me. This was also like a jackpot for me, a two-for-one mixter bonus! As always this has been an absolute pleasure; I hope Darkangell, Panu Moon, and the rest of the ccMixterverse enjoy my poolside 2010 secret mixter remix!

"Darkangell Deconstructed"
by Tenny

2010 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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