Reviews left by copperhead

Sun, Feb 10 6:44 PM copperhead review of Monuments by Admiral Bob
Great production. I could tell in the first 2 notes! Much enjoyed. I love the op...
Sun, Feb 10 6:33 PM copperhead review of Room 14 by Stefan Kartenberg
Very cool version!Thanks so much for doing this.
Thu, Feb 7 4:58 AM copperhead review of Ole Fashioned Love by texasradiofish
Very nice. For some reason I am hungry now:).
Tue, Feb 5 3:28 AM copperhead review of Funky Coin by septahelix
Nicely done.
Tue, Jan 29 1:14 PM copperhead review of The Heart of a Star (Confected Ramblings) by 7OOP3D
Killer mix. Nicely done.
Tue, Jan 29 1:12 PM copperhead review of ♥ L.O.V.E. ♥ by Rizkey G
Great mix and arrangement! Great dance song.
Tue, Jan 29 1:09 PM copperhead review of Girl We've Just Begun by Loveshadow
Dance club ready!
Tue, Jan 29 7:01 AM copperhead review of Two Minutes on the Isle of Ska by texasradiofish
Great vibe to this. Makes me feel happy. anyway you can put up the stems for th...
Mon, Jan 28 9:27 PM copperhead review of Wall of Sound by Apoxode
Awesome work! Has that Sir Mix A Lot vibe.
Sat, Jan 26 2:28 PM copperhead review of Not Quite Two Minute Blues by texasradiofish
Nice Jam.
Wed, Jan 23 9:02 AM copperhead review of Alley Walker by Speck
Nicely done. There was a hint of the Beatles psychedelic adventures.
Wed, Jan 23 8:57 AM copperhead review of You Make Me Smile by texasradiofish
The funk master. Awesome song! Thanks for the include.
Fri, Jan 4 4:44 PM copperhead review of NO ONE EVER WILL by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
Love the vocal.
Fri, Jan 4 4:42 PM copperhead review of Mona Lisa Choir by SackJo22
You always do incredible harmonies Susan!
Fri, Jan 4 4:38 PM copperhead review of Menthol (take the chance) by Admiral Bob
Great track Admiral! Awesome vocals! Congrats on the ed pick.