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Blake (blakeht):

Reviews left by Blake

Sun, Oct 30 11:58 AM Blake review of SATURN by onlymeith
Beautiful. Thanks for the mix
Tue, Jun 7 11:22 AM Blake review of Endless (Instrumental) by Aussens@iter
Sun, Nov 15 6:40 AM Blake review of Endless by Psykick
this is really awesome. It has a wonderful buildup and ambience. However, I'm to...
Sat, Aug 8 4:03 PM Blake review of Electric guitar riff 1 by jonathan_a
How did you record this? What gear/methods did you use? You will probably get mo...
Wed, Mar 4 1:56 PM Blake review of Emotional Tree by Skill_Borrower
Magical piece. Thanks for the remix
Thu, Feb 26 7:16 PM Blake review of Rivera by punk_cuadecuc
What part did pure data play in the production of this?
Wed, Oct 30 3:10 PM Blake review of Just Beginning (cdk Mix) by Analog By Nature
Massive tune. I love the addition of the new drop. I like this one much better t...
Mon, Oct 28 8:36 AM Blake review of Faithless by Doxent Zsigmond
Love it. Chilling. James Bond movie soundtrack worthy
Sat, Oct 13 8:44 PM Blake review of Ballin - cdk Mix by Analog By Nature
Mon, Sep 17 1:40 PM Blake review of Agent Bleu by djolliej
Mega creepy but mega awesome :D
Mon, Sep 17 1:29 PM Blake review of Deeper In Yourself (cdk mix) by Analog By Nature
woahhh overload. massive mix! great job
Sun, Sep 16 12:14 PM Blake review of Feels Like Underwater by Admiral Bob
Definitely a great way to use that sample! Thanks for the mix I would have neve...
Fri, Aug 24 7:12 AM Blake review of I'm Ready by Alex
woo! Good job! I love this
Mon, Feb 20 8:17 AM Blake review of Round and Round the Garden (two step) by annabloom
epic remix! I love how you incorporated some of the first things I did on this w...
Mon, Feb 20 8:14 AM Blake review of Piece of Me by mykleanthony
awesome :)