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Sun, Jan 3 3:51 AM beckfords review of Open Your Eyes! by mykleanthony
soul wid a capitol S. brilliant voc sir & your bv's are tremendous, i'm studying...
Wed, Dec 30 7:05 PM beckfords review of Sin Sentido (beat rebel remix) by Kojo_Akusa
yep i likes :-)
Wed, Dec 16 9:20 AM beckfords review of Christmas Blues by Loveshadow
brilliant! sounds like youv'e written my christmas biography here lol :-)fe real...
Sun, Dec 13 3:54 AM beckfords review of I Wanna Be Free (mountain top celebration mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
cool mix man!
Sat, Dec 12 4:00 PM beckfords review of Undertaker's Daughter by logos
you definately got that jazz vybe under wraps
Fri, Dec 11 2:32 PM beckfords review of Lucy Jane by logos
superbly chilled
Fri, Dec 11 8:59 AM beckfords review of Quantity Surveying (dogmix) by oldDog
shoulda called it quality surveying, cos thats what it is=QUALITY
Thu, Dec 10 4:04 PM beckfords review of LAMANTIN DANCE by Budapest BluesBoy
great tune! love that 2step garage beat you got goin on
Thu, Dec 10 4:11 AM beckfords review of New Beat by eladla
very good beat :-)
Wed, Dec 9 1:02 PM beckfords review of BECKFORDS & THE BOCREW by BOCrew
;-) damn i missed this one ;-),peace!
Wed, Dec 9 12:54 PM beckfords review of Contemplations/Life of Luxury by Blake
and just something u put together really well!!nice one!
Tue, Dec 8 11:19 AM beckfords review of Londonbridgez´EROSION by McMullee
really good
Tue, Dec 8 11:03 AM beckfords review of Gently by Niemandsland
completely held me from start to end,a very emotional work of art jurgen,and ext...
Tue, Dec 8 8:08 AM beckfords review of Something Special by mykleanthony
great track dude! that raw piano sounds fantastic with songboy's seriously skill...
Tue, Dec 8 8:03 AM beckfords review of Something Special - The Smoove Groove ReMix by J.Lang
very cool mix sir!