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Reviews left by annabloom

Tue, Sep 11 11:36 AM annabloom review of Schizophrenia (OSTrich Remix) by OSTrich
truly inspired mix - wonderful electronica
Mon, Sep 10 3:26 PM annabloom review of elMondo by Anandamine
shiny coolness, to pick up were speck left of, polished
Mon, Sep 10 1:26 PM annabloom review of Ik Zal Niet (The World is Full Mix) by Joel Frijters
i think stylistically it would go as 'experimental' or 'other' which means it do...
Sun, Sep 9 2:29 PM annabloom review of Bicycle by Speck
i'd like to ride my bicycle to that show. excellent steampunk scifi blues
Sun, Sep 9 2:24 PM annabloom review of Drama Blue. by Bluemillenium
the carny is back in town -artful and playful
Sun, Sep 9 2:21 PM annabloom review of things you do for love by AIR_LOMEG
operatic (this there such a word? there is now), a great concept, brilliantly ex...
Tue, Sep 4 12:06 PM annabloom review of 35 Years by copperhead
down-to-earth greatness. elvis may have left the building but his name is still ...
Sun, Sep 2 6:40 AM annabloom review of That Was When The War Was On by Speck
insightful and utterly brilliant
Sun, Sep 2 5:27 AM annabloom review of Zoot-Ska Boogie by texasradiofish
one step beyond
Sat, Sep 1 4:02 PM annabloom review of Fine Words by Zep Hurme
yep, it does have a medieval feel to it (and i thought so before i read javolenu...
Thu, Aug 23 4:10 PM annabloom review of Empty Room by Speck
a parade, unsettling yet familiar yet not seen before - one's demons are having ...
Sat, Aug 18 9:41 AM annabloom review of So Weird by Jacob Nowak
you do have a hand for dark balladesque songs
Thu, Aug 9 6:16 PM annabloom review of Begging by Zep Hurme
what can i do other than agreeing with javolenus and speck, they summed it up - ...
Wed, Aug 8 8:13 PM annabloom review of Looks As If by Speck
looks as if ... you did it again
Thu, Jul 26 2:15 PM annabloom review of Truly Free (Die-Konstrukt Mix) by Joel Frijters
what a please surprise after a hard day in the office - and with regards to your...