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Reviews left by annabloom

Wed, Nov 7 4:00 PM annabloom review of Doxent's Piano by Speck
very atmospheric, i like it very much . interestingly, i tried to use izotope vi...
Tue, Nov 6 3:11 PM annabloom review of 8 Years (ccMixterism) by duckett
worth digging for
Sun, Nov 4 4:04 PM annabloom review of I Want to Love You by CSoul
i really like the live in studio or small club feel in this mix - and the rest. ...
Wed, Oct 31 5:11 PM annabloom review of Mephisto Cafe by texasradiofish
absolutely and utterly fascinating music theatre. happiness with everything on i...
Wed, Oct 31 5:05 PM annabloom review of White Collar Blues by texasradiofish
i clink the glass against my glasses for i'm sitting here all alone, my collar u...
Mon, Oct 29 5:47 PM annabloom review of KORG MONOTRON Sampled Tones by SWEB(www.swebsmusic.com)
thanks for that
Sun, Oct 28 5:49 PM annabloom review of Recalling my Reynardine Adventure among Hopfrogs and Crickets feat. anchormejans by Wired Ant
that's great stuff, sparse yet powerful - as little as possible as much as neces...
Wed, Oct 24 3:07 PM annabloom review of How You Do by Speck
zen with unsettling undercurrents and overtones
Sun, Oct 21 4:01 PM annabloom review of lalala by lalala8
a little piece and a great fun
Sun, Oct 21 3:19 PM annabloom review of Descent impossible by Wired Ant
a well-crafted trance piece of the different kind descending on us
Sat, Oct 20 6:33 PM annabloom review of august (cibachrome mix) by places_to_know
surprisingly this hasn't received any feedback - a compelling mix. must have bee...
Sat, Oct 20 6:50 AM annabloom review of Heimatlos by Super_Sigil
chilling drifting driven, a great mix. glad to be part of it.
Fri, Oct 12 2:34 PM annabloom review of Sauves-toi by gasnoprod
truly cool jazz indeed - deservedly ed-picked
Wed, Oct 10 4:01 PM annabloom review of Atoning As Is by Speck
the last note, while ending abruptly, lingers on in the mind
Fri, Oct 5 6:25 PM annabloom review of Let's Have Safe Sex (improved Real Woman Mix) by robwalkerpoet
big bonos for this mix