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Fri, Nov 16 3:54 AM Anchor review of Places by oldDog
wish there were more uploads of this genre and quality...depth of subject/conten...
Fri, Nov 16 3:51 AM Anchor review of Winter Comes (4-track mix) by duckett
sensual and very left-field in concept. I like the the sort-of string quartet mo...
Fri, Nov 16 3:44 AM Anchor review of Joining Forces by Fireproof_Babies
who needs the status-quo? loved it.
Fri, Oct 26 1:27 AM Anchor review of piano from I'm fine by oldDog
beautiful...thanks for sharing this with us
Sat, Oct 13 5:58 AM Anchor review of Falling To The Grass by duckett
a great euro-feel, evocations of ecstatic conditions...allure enfolds
Fri, Oct 12 4:25 AM Anchor review of Yearning by duckett
another great piece of music...captures the mystical passion of the eastern worl...
Fri, Oct 12 4:18 AM Anchor review of The Bough Breaks? by duckett
my kind of mood....
Fri, Oct 12 4:15 AM Anchor review of Close My Eyes by duckett
clearly spoken from the soul of a poet....
Fri, Sep 28 9:41 AM Anchor review of Hieroglyphs of Love by Fireproof_Babies
excellent work Hotep! loved it, left me walking sideways... very cool music to...
Sun, Sep 23 2:37 PM Anchor review of Black is Night by Fireproof_Babies
beautiful....great song....the guitar sounds really very fine.
Wed, Sep 19 10:33 AM Anchor review of tonight (august treatment) by oldDog
soft and soothing...even if the lyrics wax melancholic...really beautiful...alwa...
Tue, Aug 7 3:13 PM Anchor review of Drunk at the Red Lion by AT
This one is really very cool. Individuality is obviously your calling card. Exce...
Tue, Aug 7 3:11 PM Anchor review of The year of by AT
Love it. Unique. Not status quo...has a perspective of the obtuse.
Sun, Jul 29 8:23 AM Anchor review of Don Quixote by oldDog
dreamy...elegant...and most important of all creative. Loved it.
Thu, Jul 26 4:27 AM Anchor review of her horned helmet (dogmix) by oldDog
Dear Old Dog....This is exactly what I had in mind....excellent job...thanks for...