Rise from the Ashes Event
Anchor (anchormejans):

Reviews left by Anchor

Sat, Sep 18 8:40 AM Anchor review of The Black Sheep, The Dark Horses by pharmacopia
nice to hear your horn again!
Sat, Sep 18 8:39 AM Anchor review of Heart On Redial by Pitx
great mix - excellent audio/sound - very fine work.
Thu, Sep 9 7:43 PM Anchor review of Ukiyoe by Donnie Drost
well done - alluring and sensitive vocals - nice musical paring and mixing!
Wed, Sep 8 5:48 AM Anchor review of Queen of the Crows (a capella) by CiggiBurns
I finally got 'round to commenting..... this is one of my favorite all time ly...
Tue, Sep 7 7:19 AM Anchor review of Queen of the Crows by VickyDan
Mon, Sep 6 9:23 AM Anchor review of Freedom in my voice by Carosone
finally got some time to review... I always appreciate your style Carosone! Th...
Mon, Sep 6 9:17 AM Anchor review of A New System by Subliminal
I always enjoy your musical ideas and sensibilities Michel!
Mon, Sep 6 9:13 AM Anchor review of Exploring With Color by Vidian
insightful...well done and a powerful addition to the project.
Sun, Sep 5 9:26 AM Anchor review of O Come Thee Down (3 Versions) by boomaga
very fine arrangement! loved the ancient/modern connection. excellent.
Mon, Aug 30 3:04 AM Anchor review of Oh Come Thee Down (Phantom mix) by tacet
its always fun to hear something that is "catchy" but also has "content" - nice...
Mon, Aug 30 3:02 AM Anchor review of We Have Choice (all non-sinusoidal waveforms are born free) by gmz
non-sinusoidal to the tenth power! great stuff you've created! Cheers... Anch...
Sun, Aug 29 7:14 AM Anchor review of Dear Mr. Williams (Carnegy Hall Mix) by spinmeister
love the drama - the theatricality - excellent composition sir!
Sun, Aug 29 7:10 AM Anchor review of Freedom in my Voice by Blake
fantastic backing music... great use of vocals. excellent composition sir!
Sun, Aug 29 7:07 AM Anchor review of The Song Remains the Same (Mr Williams) by Snowflake
! extraordinary......................
Sun, Aug 29 7:05 AM Anchor review of L'esprit desire encore by Admiral Bob
what a great sound. very nice addition to the whole project too.