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E-Merge Ents (as we kiss)

uploaded: Tue, Jan 25, 2011 @ 4:30 PM last modified: Thu, Feb 17, 2011 @ 1:13 PM  (add)
FeaturingSackJo22, Abstract Audio, Gurdonark, error404, debbizo, Alex Beroza, violetOasis
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If the Ent wives came home, I imagine there would be a lot of Merging, and likely, kissing :)

When I heard the line ‘it is your mouth on my mouth as we kiss’ in SackJo22’s spoken word, I knew that’s where this track would start. her voice makes that line magic.

Abstract Audio’s samples/loops are a joy to work with. They were the backbone of this track. Thank you!

Gurdonark’s sci-fi samples are brilliant. like glittering stars over Fangorn.

error404’s Kanna percussion track provided the pieces that seem to give the track a little extra rhythmic lift.

debbizo’s Xivah is that whistling sound. i had a lot of fun finding this little gem in her cool sample - and i put everywhere!

Alex Beroza - I just listened to your new mix, and I knew I needed just a pinch of ‘Alex’ in this track. I used one note, but pasted it all around with weird effects. You are like savory!

violetOasis makes her ccMixter debut with the acoustic guitar chords that start off the song (and are sprinkled throughout). she is only 10 years old and rocked it!

k_loco - thanks for listening and giving me great feedback. please thank DJ Quenique for listening to the early iterations too. you guys are rock stars!

thanks spinningmerkaba for pushing me through the hump on this one. creating this track felt like a two-week long football game, moving only one yard at a time. i know i’m a pain in the ass when it comes to criticism, but i am really grateful.

i think the mix is better in headphones - still trying to figure out this mixing, plug-in, EQ thing! this genre is terribly foreign to me, and i’m still a novice, learning so much.

enough already! thanks for listening.

"E-Merge Ents (as we kiss)"
by Snowflake

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