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Wed, Jan 24 1:45 PM Anchor review of For Beautiful Days by Radioontheshelf
Love this offering - very stirring and soulful - "here & not here" one of my fav...
Tue, Dec 12 1:55 PM Anchor review of Her Escape by Snowflake
psychological yet alluring and gentle and then I am pulled in to the whole vibe....
Tue, Dec 12 1:51 PM Anchor review of Calling All Sirens by Kara Square
Its nice to have an afternoon to listen to Mixter offerings/ I realize this one ...
Tue, Dec 12 1:45 PM Anchor review of Clean Getaway by raja_ffm
nice job with the vocal. sounds good....poignant and thoughtful lyric.
Tue, Dec 12 1:39 PM Anchor review of Never Easy (Fall '89 Mix) by dotjot
very nice vibe... liked it a lot!
Thu, Nov 2 5:11 AM Anchor review of Lenses of Shadows (ft Apophysia) by SackJo22
Listened to this again...really got to me this morning...went on a little mind-t...
Thu, Nov 2 5:06 AM Anchor review of Lenses of Shadows (live remix) by Mr. Pepino
Alluring... a song from a dream - strolling though a Byzantine garden. Thanks.
Wed, Aug 30 5:16 AM Anchor review of Fear Nothing Chant (Feels Like Forever Remix) by Ben Blohowiak
Thank you for interpreting the Fear-Nothing chant...really like what you did wit...
Wed, Aug 30 5:12 AM Anchor review of Oliver's Song by Radioontheshelf
Really like this...great mood and the instrumental too,,,
Wed, Aug 30 5:03 AM Anchor review of Transmutate (Hindustani Mix) by Zenboy1955
Love the message and the music. Thanks!
Thu, Aug 3 8:08 AM Anchor review of Nine Doors Nine Keys by Radioontheshelf
great sense of the dramatic in this one...I had a vision of somebody like Nostra...
Mon, Jul 17 5:48 AM Anchor review of Be Washed (Rainy Sunday mix) by Speck
For some reason I am not getting notices when a sample is used. But I checked in...
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