NEW: Add reviews on MixterPlus
Tue, May 30 1:11 PM Announcements :: Launching Mixterplus
if you upload using the ccmixter form you can edit the properties from ccmixter,...
Tue, May 30 7:20 AM Announcements :: Launching Mixterplus
If you click on one of your tracks it should appear on the track page.
Tue, May 30 4:43 AM Announcements :: Launching Mixterplus
I think you can edit the title and description now on tracks you've uploaded on ...
Fri, Mar 31 3:53 PM DIY :: AI and the Law: What You Need To Know The AI Topic Nobody Is Talking About
There was an interesting article in Wired on this recently.
Tue, Mar 28 12:15 PM Announcements :: ccMixter has a New Logo!
nice animation
Tue, Mar 28 11:47 AM Announcements :: ccMixter has a New Logo!
there is an svg version without the gradient and some other variations.
Tue, Mar 28 11:32 AM Announcements :: ccMixter has a New Logo!
Yes but type pf gradient doesn't work in SVG, its an angular gradient.
Tue, Mar 28 9:54 AM Announcements :: ccMixter has a New Logo!
Thanks Apoxode, there's a few things to sort out with the CSS on the site, so on...
Thu, Jun 9 1:12 PM Announcements :: ccMixter Design Contest
Hi, is it possible for you to email me the details or does it need to be through...
Mon, Jul 5 12:12 AM The Big OT :: What is a Re Mixer?
I used to browse the latest samples and acappellas to find ideas for tracks and ...
Fri, Oct 9 11:33 PM Help :: DigMixter
I think its because that track is uploaded as a sample and so will only appear o...
Sat, Oct 25 7:51 AM Announcements :: Share Your Favorite ccM Track, Earn $5 for our Fundraiser
after a long time deciding: Kyrie Eleison by DreamSynth SackJo1000 by Jeri...
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