Reviews left by airtone

Mon, Dec 17 11:46 AM airtone review of Midwinter Love by Radioontheshelf
many thanks for adding the vocals, reminds me of scott walker
Sun, Nov 18 5:22 AM airtone review of Light by onlymeith
nicely combined sounds with the atmospheric piano, many thanks
Sun, Sep 9 10:30 PM airtone review of WuChi by Admiral Bob
beautifully done
Sun, Sep 9 12:09 PM airtone review of No Time Like The Present by Alex
nice combination, works really well
Tue, Aug 28 12:09 PM airtone review of Heaven To Me by mykleanthony
thanks for adding the vocals, this sounds great
Wed, Jul 11 2:00 PM airtone review of I'm Not Sure by mykleanthony
many thanks for the great soulful vocals, once again adding a new dimension to t...
Tue, Jul 10 1:08 PM airtone review of What You Looking For by mykleanthony
thanks for adding some vocals to this track it gives it a nice summery vibe
Sat, Jun 2 3:53 AM airtone review of Airtonal by Speck
Your tracks always have a lot of creative freedom but are also very thoughtful a...
Sun, Mar 11 6:36 AM airtone review of Space Fiction by Quarkstar
I recognised the sample before reading the description, excellent track
Sun, Mar 11 6:17 AM airtone review of Debbizo - I Am Music (The New Earth Mix) with Airtone by Mana Junkie
thanks for the remix, I'd almost forgotten that track, the vocal works well with...
Mon, Nov 27 10:56 AM airtone review of Falling by Siobhan Dakay
great sounds and playing, just the right mood for the vocal
Sun, Aug 27 5:11 AM airtone review of Falling by Alex
really well done
Sat, Apr 22 10:55 AM airtone review of Cricket Soup (New Recipe Mix) by Mana Junkie
an excellent new blend with the added ingredients
Sun, Oct 30 11:27 PM airtone review of Paper Planes - Durden ft. Airtone by DURDEN
nice, very mogwai
Sun, Oct 30 2:42 PM airtone review of Everything by Quarkstar
love the chord changes toward the end