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uploaded: Sat, Apr 27, 2024 @ 10:14 PM
FeaturingMartinsea, ElRon XChile, electronico, Dave Merrick, copperhead, Rayfiled "Guitar Slim" Jackson
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Branching Out:

Recently discovered fresh lime margaritas made with inexpensive Monte Alban Mezcal. Nice! In the mezcal audio section, electronico’s voice was processed using Waves Vocal Bender.

Old Branches:

Blackface Fenders are legendary for their rock-solid reliability. Built like a proverbial tank, these 50-plus-year-old amps will be rocking way into the future.” - Roger Bergen 2019

“Woodface Leslie 122 is my preference.” - electronico 2024

New Branches featuring Martinsea samples:

Leg-a-cee was used as a song template. Bass and drum tracks were added to an intro and two verses. The intro features Martin’s SATSYNTH sample. Verse one introduces Martin’s leg-a-cee main track and guitar (reamped). The second verse used the leg-a-cee main track and SATSYTH. Guitar lead lines were added to the intro and verses.

Bass sample from Martin’s AD synth tests was included in the stack of samples used for the hits.

Martin’s Waves and Breakers vocal stem was extracted from the uploaded track and dereverbed. Vocal lines were featured in verses one and two.

The outro features Martin’s A Piece of Sunday acoustic guitar (reamped). MODO 2 MIDI bass was added as well as Martin’s promo, Dave Merrick’s promo, drums, bongos and sax. Outro tempo slows to 100 bpm.

A Copperhead’s Badabing Badaboom phrase was used to transition into the outro.

Martin’s admiration for crows was cited.

TRF banter:

Unused banter from the TRF archive is featured. The voice samples span years, microphone types, stereo and mono recording, and studio configurations. No dialogue or EQ matching software was used, however, we should try that technology.


The late Rayfield “Guitar Slim” Jackson’s “the blues is alright” sample was extracted from an October 1998 live recording of a weekly gig ElRon and electrinico played at the now defunct at Billy Blues in Houston, Texas. We give ourselves permission to license the sample CC BY NC 4.0 ;0)

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