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Reviews left by Aamu

Sat, May 14 11:08 AM Aamu review of Dance of the Urbanite by rjmarshall
I'm out of words.
Fri, May 13 7:27 AM Aamu review of Gankutsuou by thelaw
The composition is calm and beautiful.. Mixing then... maybe there's just a bit...
Thu, May 12 9:03 PM Aamu review of borderline-teru-remix-remix by teru
Remixing a remix sounds like fun, but also like a hard task. I'm amazed by the ...
Thu, May 12 5:41 PM Aamu review of Coming Around Vocal Bits01 by sunbyrn
Thu, May 12 5:25 PM Aamu review of This Is Mine by The Unrecorded
This is wonderful. Could you please, upload acappella and instrumental tracks, t...
Thu, May 12 5:23 PM Aamu review of Drunken Organs by b1aze0ne22
Great groove! A bit too repetative, a little variation, e.g. modulation woul...
Tue, May 10 12:24 AM Aamu review of steponme by Fujimo
Maybe a bit too fuzzy guitar (or something), but otherwise very pleasant. Nice g...
Sun, May 8 11:26 PM Aamu review of Sea Voyage Inspire by Doug Adams by ahmedgarcia
I like this a lot. It has a very similar feeling to Kingston Wall's best songs.
Fri, May 6 11:42 PM Aamu review of Slither Away by sunbyrn
The more I listen to this, the more I like it. The bass is my favourite. BTW,...
Fri, May 6 4:06 AM Aamu review of Say To You by sunbyrn
A very nice remake of the song. The reworked lyrics suite the song well. I lo...
Fri, May 6 12:11 AM Aamu review of I waited here by Kind Robot
Let me know if you want the 'pella(s)! Yes, please!
Fri, May 6 12:08 AM Aamu review of Scandinavian Sky by sunbyrn
Vitun jees! :) So, you had absolutely no idea of the lyrics? Well... some wor...
Wed, May 4 11:00 AM Aamu review of Song - 003 by Alundryn
Some of the chord progressions and the guitar picking remind me of Radiohead's P...
Wed, May 4 7:12 AM Aamu review of Ocean by Syns
Heard this too many times before, although I love the synth.
Wed, May 4 7:09 AM Aamu review of No More by Syns
Not bad, but I would have loved if I was surprised at some point of the song.