Reviews left for _ghost

Mon, Sep 10 12:21 PM Songboy3 review of Dubway by _ghost
Too f*ckin' funky! Also imaginative, interesting and a bunch of other adjective...
Mon, Sep 10 12:12 PM places_to_know review of Dubway by _ghost
Excellent. It all holds together beautifully. I'd love to hear another five minu...
Mon, Sep 10 11:13 AM review of Dubway by _ghost
Mon, Sep 10 1:01 AM oldDog review of Dubway by _ghost
Laid back and spacious.
Sun, Sep 9 4:13 PM FGrn Grn review of Dubway by _ghost
Great job on the vinyl version especially those strings. Really great.
Sun, Sep 9 4:03 PM teru review of Dubway by _ghost
This is like a magic trick. So much is going on, yet it sounds deceptively simpl...
Sun, Sep 9 11:18 AM Analog By Nature review of Dubway by _ghost
this is awesome!! good stuff man, i really like the flow of all the samples, the...
Wed, Jun 13 11:54 AM fourstones review of _ghost break by _ghost
that's just brilliant
Tue, May 29 6:10 PM Suzi Q. Smith review of Visions by _ghost
very much dig this.
Mon, May 28 8:47 AM J.Lang review of Visions by _ghost
I love it when I put my headphones on, and as well as hear it but feel it as wel...
Mon, May 28 1:13 AM tripledoubler review of Visions by _ghost
This is a very well done triphop track. I especially like the easy and deep groo...
Sun, May 27 9:47 AM duckett review of Visions by _ghost
very nice indeed- another reminder to exercise more self-restraint on my stuff ;...
Sun, May 27 9:10 AM FGrn Grn review of Visions by _ghost
Really great. We need more trip hoppy hiphop in the world.
Sat, May 26 9:28 AM Nitropox@CCmixter review of Visions by _ghost
simple but climatic.
Sat, May 26 9:17 AM Analog By Nature review of Visions by _ghost
this is fantastic, makes the phon. vocals sounds soo good. awesome