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Reviews left by _ghost

Sun, Oct 15 3:00 PM _ghost review of Tema da Novela (robbed the riff mix) by shagrugge
Crazy, crazy beat. Great tune!!!
Mon, Sep 25 12:53 PM _ghost review of Brad Sucks - Dirtbag (Blackberry's Dirtbeat Remix) by Blackberry
Modern and "warpy". I feel so conservative now;)
Mon, Sep 25 12:31 PM _ghost review of Sick as a Dog (bs remix) by Ben Shewmaker
It`s "radio friendly" in a good way. Cool song.
Mon, Sep 25 12:26 PM _ghost review of forensic vs. enormouse - blood is thicker than water by tenda
Great atmospheric mix with subtle approach to electronic sounds. Deep bass, deep...
Fri, Sep 15 11:56 AM _ghost review of Crazy Breaks. by Analog By Nature
Little familiar;)Very good complex mix. And that name ..... real guerilla market...
Tue, Sep 12 1:14 PM _ghost review of it's Like (Chat) by ASHWAN
What can I say. This is obvious 5. Thanks for making my "rate decision" so easy;...
Tue, Sep 5 3:09 PM _ghost review of can these things be by subdes2
I like this acustic, "real" feeling in this track. Great interactions between in...
Tue, Sep 5 2:56 PM _ghost review of what if... by vincent_vega11
Very nice relaxing track. Morphing of monk`s vocals is just great!!!. Bravo!!
Sun, Sep 3 6:56 AM _ghost review of Blow This Scene by Pitx
I don`t like repeat myself but you sound like a real perfect tuned band. Great ...
Sun, Sep 3 6:44 AM _ghost review of "Certified High" by Analog By Nature
Wow! Totally different story....and this filtering. Btw. looks like you are in "...
Tue, Aug 29 11:06 AM _ghost review of Life of Luxury (Mo's mix) by Mo
Nice synth melody and interesting idea of latin drums. Good view on classic pell...
Tue, Aug 29 11:03 AM _ghost review of Trifonic Blast pt.2 by Analog By Nature
This few tricks (like toy sound, or losing power effect) keep it interesting.
Sun, Aug 27 1:47 PM _ghost review of Time to Take Out the Trash (bill berry mix) by William Berry
I heard your samples some time ago, and they were very interesting. So this mix ...
Sun, Aug 27 1:39 PM _ghost review of Hooked on Fonics (two minute tech mix) by Analog By Nature
Cool. I like this noisy/grainy synths. Nice powerful sound......
Sun, Aug 27 1:34 PM _ghost review of Nebulous Advice by Pitx
I followed Victor`s recommendation on ccmixter blog and WOW!! Beautiful tack. Na...