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Reviews left by Vidian

Wed, Jun 17 2:27 AM Vidian review of DREAMt (ft Jeris) by SackJo22
Oooomg susan. This is so cool and trippy. Vocals fit so nice in the music bed yo...
Wed, Jun 17 2:19 AM Vidian review of Drowning in the Cuervo River by Kara Square
:D Panu's song is kinda sad :P Your music gives it a hopeful quality to it, its ...
Sun, Jun 14 11:54 AM Vidian review of YCSWIGY by Loveshadow
:D Very cool song, I like how Winter Harvest weaves throughout it. Im jealous of...
Sun, Jun 14 2:07 AM Vidian review of andrew anime by urmymuse
I love this. I feel like, if my life had a soundtrack this would be in it :D
Sat, Jun 13 8:02 PM Vidian review of In two minds (ft. Doxent) by robwalkerpoet
Man o man, this is beautiful! :D
Sat, May 2 4:14 PM Vidian review of Come and Get Me by Haptic
Very nice and intense :\ sad about animal's nightmares tho
Mon, Apr 13 2:06 PM Vidian review of Transgenic by Levihica
I really like the percussion in this ! Kind of trippy :P
Fri, Apr 10 10:45 AM Vidian review of Soundtrack Loops by Robbero
lol those lyrics :P Nice loops
Mon, Feb 9 9:35 PM Vidian review of Dark Violet Sky by Doxent Zsigmond
Music comes to you while sleeping too? I wish I could capture half the beauty my...
Wed, Jan 7 7:16 AM Vidian review of Round by Round by Dysfunction_AL
This is awesome :D
Fri, Dec 19 1:29 PM Vidian review of Boy Trouble by Scomber
This is awesome :D Nice duo
Thu, Nov 27 2:40 PM Vidian review of A Moment of Clarity (Vocals) by Kara Square
I really like these Kara. Very interesting spoken word
Sun, Nov 16 11:17 AM Vidian review of We are Connected (the Chemma Chi Remix) by SackJo22
You have become a great producer in such a short time :D Nice & groovy I love ...
Sun, Nov 16 11:05 AM Vidian review of My Klean Secret (Headphone Mix) by fourstones
this is. just like, im like how like i don't even know right now this is too ama...
Sun, Nov 16 8:54 AM Vidian review of Pulse of the Party by Kara Square
I totally dig! Actually I feel you kind of owe me for this hole in my floor now ...