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Reviews left by Vidian

Sun, Sep 11 1:53 AM Vidian review of Funk It! by Admiral Bob
snatch-esqe underground crime Tarantino film. That's where this song belongs :D
Sat, Sep 3 4:21 AM Vidian review of Song Of Praise (Sing A Song) - A Capella by Songboy3
Thu, Sep 1 11:41 AM Vidian review of lucid living by septahelix
Wow, Not an imperfect second at all. Amazing soundscape with a very origional st...
Thu, Sep 1 11:34 AM Vidian review of Telepathine by Jeris
It sparks visions of fire and rain
Fri, Aug 26 3:45 PM Vidian review of L'explication... by Bluemillenium
Hahaha, Awesome! My biggest thank you for that awesome vox track :D
Fri, Aug 26 3:25 AM Vidian review of Into the Blue by eshar
Nice :D I'll totally come with you
Mon, Aug 22 3:12 PM Vidian review of Achilles by Jeris
Beautiful :D
Fri, Aug 19 9:32 PM Vidian review of Rescue Me by l4m
I noticed :D It was different from what I remember. I'm surprised at myself that...
Thu, Aug 18 9:51 PM Vidian review of WhrD'dthLuvGO? by Loveshadow
Gold you have a really beautiful track here.
Thu, Aug 18 9:47 PM Vidian review of In Muzik by Alex
How is this not in the top 40s Chart already? :D
Thu, Aug 18 8:19 PM Vidian review of Red Light by HelenaJ
Im dissapointed in myself for missing this awesome pella.
Sun, Aug 14 3:20 PM Vidian review of Hot Core by Geert Veneklaas
This is like a dark new age music number. I'd watch this :D
Sun, Aug 14 3:17 PM Vidian review of It's Love by Jeris
I was going to make the most amazing remix of ITS LOVE...GO AWAY, but i tried, a...
Sun, Aug 14 3:15 PM Vidian review of Even In The Morning Time by mdp
lol I was born in the 80's. I was 1 in 1990. Thought it was pertinent . :D The o...
Sun, Aug 14 3:10 PM Vidian review of E-EMOTIONAL OPINION by BOCrew
Wow. It's not just in the name, I felt the emotion in the rhymes, in the music. ...