Reviews left by Vidian

Sun, Jun 17 12:00 PM Vidian review of Escaping Time As Time Escapes Itself by DFF_Sound_System
This is so much win, I love the treatment of the vocals, you are too awesome. T...
Fri, Jun 15 3:35 PM Vidian review of Bm140-AnotherBlueDay by Javolenus
This is great, theres so many memories all the different sounds generate for me,...
Fri, Jun 1 11:58 PM Vidian review of Pay Attention by FORENSIC
I really love this :D
Tue, May 8 9:09 PM Vidian review of Breathe by copperhead
Amazing synergy :D
Fri, May 4 11:07 AM Vidian review of maelstrom by sLow_starteR
Very nice relaxed and thoughtful a capella
Wed, May 2 1:44 PM Vidian review of Feeling Dark (Behind The Mask) by 7OOP3D
Haha yeah, I love this. The detail.. The progression. Think it will fit right in...
Sat, Apr 28 11:58 PM Vidian review of Soul Wants to Grow (feat. Snowflake VS 4nsic) by Knetter
Very cool sound :D
Tue, Apr 24 3:31 AM Vidian review of Tank by shimoda
i actually kind of love this. Most def see this in a film, it would fit so many ...
Sat, Apr 14 10:27 PM Vidian review of Willing Friendships by CiggiBurns
Haha I love this :D
Tue, Apr 10 10:54 PM Vidian review of Canary Wharf (Hammond House Of Horror Mix) by stellarartwars
Haha, Yaaaay :D It's so fun :D
Tue, Apr 10 12:47 AM Vidian review of Flesh and Bones - Goldrunner remix by GOLDRUNNER
This is an amazing journey through sound :D
Wed, Apr 4 10:49 PM Vidian review of Canary Wharf by CiggiBurns
Life has amazing surprises. You are one ;)
Fri, Mar 23 5:24 AM Vidian review of Ojuju by iamtipsytel
Cool song, Kind of labelled incorrectly, this shows up in a capellas :P I sugges...
Wed, Mar 21 7:10 AM Vidian review of Selkie's Daughter by CiggiBurns
Greetings Mercenaries!! I am Selkie, Thespian Extraordinaire. LOL I'm a nerd. I...
Thu, Mar 15 11:33 AM Vidian review of Space Journey (be patient..) by Carosone
Its amazing, how you are such a story teller, through music :D